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Master Thesis Defence, a Result of Research Work at SEEU

Majlinda Salii defended her master’s thesis entitled, “Ambassador Conference in London and the Albanian Issue,” being the first master thesis defence for the academic year 2009-2010. 

Tetuta Iljazi was the second to defend her master thesis work entitled, “Problem Solving in Mathematics by Means of Realistic Methods Affects the Thinking Development of Secondary School Students”.  Ibrahim Jonuzi defended his master’s thesis entitled “Environmental Education of Secondary School Students in the Republic of Macedonia,” a topic that has raised a great interest to participants, especially for the actuality of the topic. Jasin Demiri defended his master’s thesis work “German Diplomacy during the Period of Otto von Bismarck,” which was also assessed for the approach and the structure.  Lulzim Farizi defended his master’s thesis work “Division and Balance of the Three Powers as Basis of Parliamentary Democracy with Particular Accent to the RM”, and according to assessment of the commission, was well prepared and based on research methodology.

These were the master theses that were defended during September.


During October 2009, master thesis defence continued with Neda Radosavleviq, who defended her master’s thesis entitled “Implementing an Extensive Reading Program in Mixed Ability Classes by Using Grades Readers,” and assessed as very practical and useful for the respective field.  Shejla Tahiri defended her master’s thesis entitled “The Impact of Pictures and Ilustrations on Vocabulary Acquisition for EFL Students.” This topic raised interest particularly for the practical application in teaching. The master thesis work of the candidate Halit Burnikut “Current Differences Between Schools in Skopje and Those of the Suburbs” raised a special interested as well. Suzana Memedi defended her master’s thesis entitled “European Integration at the Theory and Practice,” while Dean Andreevski defended his mater’s thesis entitled “Ways and Manners of Acting in International Relations: Diplomacy” and was the last public defence for October. By the respective Commissions, the topics were assessed as being very actual topics and very well prepared according to proper research methodology. 


In November, Edita Bekteshi defended her master’s thesis work entitled “Contributing Factors of Integrative vs. Instrumental Motivation among High School English Learners in Kercova.”


During December Mira Milovanovska defended her master’s thesis entitled “Importance of the Listening Skill and its Correlation to the Overall Second Language Learning with Overview to the Other Skills at SEEU and Students’ Attitudes towards Non-Native Teachers of English”. Mirvana Kuriu defended her master’s thesis entitled “Consolidation of Democracy in RM as Forecondition for Integration in Euroatlantic Structures,” while Bilall Lutfiu defended his master’s thesis entitled “Organization and Functioning of the Parliament of RM.” Besa Bytyqi defended her master’s thesis entitled “Interest Groups and Their Influence on the State Institutions in RM.”

Vullnet Besimi defended his master’s thesis entitled “Management of Civil Servants in Institutions of RM,” which raised great interest and the commission assessed his work as very successful in which the candidate respected research methodology in his thesis. 

Suzana Ejupi defended her master’s thesis entitled “The Influence of Learning Strategies on Primary School Students in Learning English as Foreign Language,” and Zibixhete Elezi defended her master’s thesis entitled “Raise of Consciousness of Citizens for Protecting the Environment in the City of Tetovo.” Ajtene Ramadani closed the cycle of master thesis defence for 2009 by defending her master’s thesis entitled “Police as Part of Public Administration.”