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Students from the Law Faculty in the "Operation Index"

A simulated trial took place as a joint group work of the senior students of SEEU’s Law Faculty last Wednesday (November 23, 2009 at 2:00 pm) in the SEEU “Court Room” (room 814.01). The students dealt with an imaginary case named “Operation Index” which analyzed corruption in the universities of the country.  While simulating this criminal trial procedure they were able to perform roles such as: judges, prosecutors, defence lawyers, accused persons, witnesses, etc. This event was organized under the supervision of the assistant in the related criminal law sciences M-r Besa Arifi, in cooperation with the Skopje based NGO “Youth Education Centre – Младински Образовен Центар.” This simulation represents a mandatory part of the course curriculum regarding the course Criminal Procedure Law.  Students previously had undertaken visits in the Tetovo Court of First Instance in order to practically see how a criminal trial proceeds and this helped them afterwards in preparing their own case. The following group of students took part in this activity: Blerta Ahmedi, Ramije Jusufi, Elmedina Esati, Kaltrina Mustafi, Nusret Asani, Emrije Iseni, Arijana Asani, Besa Ademi, Shadije Rushiti, Nermine Ibraimi, Remzije Xhelili, Arbenita Rexhepi, Labinot Alija, Pranvera Rexhep, Endrit Xheladini, Yllzana Elmazi, Muhamet Ismaili, and Ardijan Qazimi.