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Универзитет на Југоисточна Европа
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Кујтим Рамадани

Department : Јазичен центар
Функција : Виш Лектор
Вид на вработување : Цело работно време
Лични податоци
E-mail :
Адреса : South East European University, 1200 Tetovo, Macedonia
Телефон : +389 44 356 271
Факс : +389 44 356 001
Мобилен : +389 75 265 565
Јазици ( Самоевалуација )
C2 - Proficient
C2 - Proficient
A2 - Elementary


  • Jan 2010 - Mar 2010: Online Certificate Program
    Faculty: American English Institute
    University of Oregon, Oregon, USA
    Specialty: English for Specific Purposes - Best Practices

  • Oct 2006 - Mar 2010: Master of Arts in Comparative Public Administration
    Faculty: Public Administration and Political Sciences
    South East European University, Tetovo, Macedonia
    Specialty: Public Administration Reforms

  • Oct 2006 - May 2007: Certificate Program
    Faculty: Office of International Affairs
    Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN, USA
    Specialty: In-Service Training in Methodology, Technology, ANGEL Software and English Language as Part of ISC

  • Aug 2004 - Aug 2004: Advanced Intensive English Program
    Abacus College, Oxford, England
    Specialty: English for General Purposes

  • Oct 1999 - Mar 2003: Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature
    Faculty: English Language and Literature
    State University of Tetova, Tetovo, Macedonia
    Specialty: English Language and Literature


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Работно искуство

  • Oct 2003 - Present : High Lector
    South East European University, Tetovo, Macedonia
    Type of business or sector: Education and Research
    Main responsibilities: To deliver a range of high quality teaching and assessment activities in terms of EGP and ESP. To contribute to effective delivery of syllabi, methodology, assessment and efficient course administration; To contribute to curriculum development;

  • Jun 2002 - Mar 2020: English Teacher and Translator/Interpreter
    Deutsch, Tetovo
    Type of business or sector: Translation, Interpretation, English Teaching

  • Sep 2002 - Sep 2003: English Teacher
    Tetovo Gymnasium "Kiril Pejcinoviq", Tetovo, Macedonia
    Type of business or sector: Education
    Main responsibilities: Provide instruction to teenage learners of EFL at all levels.

  • Mar 2001 - Jun 2002: English Teacher
    People's University, Tetovo, Macedonia
    Type of business or sector: Education
    Main responsibilities: Provide instruction to adult learners of EFL at all levels.