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Универзитет на Југоисточна Европа
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Елена Спировска

Department : Јазичен центар
Функција : Виш Лектор
Вид на вработување : Цело работно време
Лични податоци
E-mail :
Адреса : Ilindenska b.b 1200 Tetovo
Телефон : 044356723


  • Feb 2008 - May 2012: Doctor of Philological Sciences
    Faculty: Faculty of Languages Cultures and Communications
    South East European University, Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia
    Specialty: Teaching English as a Foreign Language

  • Jan 2003 - Aug 2005: Master of Educational Sciences
    Faculty: School of Education
    Indiana University, Bloomington
    Specialty: Education


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  • Spirovska Elena. The Use of Authentic Literary Texts vs. Simplified Texts in Teaching Reading in an EFL Context. In Conference Proceedings from ELT Conference held at SEEU : From Teaching to Learning Current Trends in ELT , pp. 27-37. SEEU, SEEU Tetovo, 9 / 2010. ISBN NA.

  • Spirovska Elena. Authentic Materials in Language Teaching. In SEEU Review, pp. 173-182. SEEU REview, SEEU Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia, 6 / 2009. ISBN ISSN- 1409-7001. (Download)

  • Spirovska Elena. Implementing Literature in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. In SEEU Review, pp. 97-106. SEEU Review, SEEU Tetovo Republic of Macedonia , 9 / 2007. ISBN ISSN- 1409-7001. (Download)

Работно искуство

  • Sep 2002 - Present : High Lector
    SEE University, Tetovo, Macedonia
    Type of business or sector: Education and Research
    Main responsibilities: Teaching, writing exams, grading, administrative duties