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Call for Papers

Journal of Teaching and Learning “Talking About Learning” ISSN 1857- 7555 (print)

LINK: http://www.seeu.edu.mk/en/centres/language-centre/lc-newsletter

The Journal of Teaching and Learning (JTL) titled “Talking About Learning,” is an open access, peer-reviewed international journal published by the Language Center at South East European University (SEEU) in Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia. The main objective of JTL “Talking About Learning” is to promote a scholarly and academic discussion about teaching and learning as well as to share our research and practical classroom experiences with one another in order to improve the teaching and learning process. JTL “Talking About Learning” aims to promote interdisciplinary research about teaching and learning in all fields and disciplines and to become a leading journal for teaching and learning with local, regional and international impact.

JTL “Talking About Learning” Language Center Advisory Board supported by the International Editorial Review Board is happy to announce a call for papers for the upcoming issue scheduled to be published in May 2014. The papers published with us will serve the local, regional, and the international academic community to help improve teaching and learning through pragmatic and scientific paradigms as well as help SEEU and the Language Center to remain leaders in this field.

The journal is published in print and a copy of each issue is uploaded on the SEEU web page. (please check the link provided above). To be considered for publication your articles must be written in APA style, double spaced, with one inch margin on the side, accompanied by a reference page. Copyrights of the articles published with us are owned exclusively by the Language Center, South East European University. These articles may not be reprinted or submitted for publication elsewhere without the permission of the copyright owner.

To be considered for publication your articles should

JTL “Talking About Learning” is inviting papers for Issue 3 Vol.1 which is scheduled to be published in May 15, 2014. The final date for submitting your manuscripts is December 15, 2013.

Please send your manuscript to jtleditor@seeu.edu.mk

Sincerely yours,

Editorial Board, JTL