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Transition Project

Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony of the project: TRANSITION

11.00/ 29.11.2022/ BDC


Project Introduction and Objectives

The aim of the Transition project is creating resilience to fake news, disinformation and misinformation campaigns used mainly by domestic and foreign actors, aiming towards the euroatlantic path of North Macedonia. Media literacy and information skills are vital for future professionals and decision makers. Those competencies including critical thinking are crucial for creating future citizens that would be active actors in a democratic and resilient society and in a country where all citizens and institutions would be accountable to the same laws.
Specific objectives of the proposed training are:
• To train university academic staff and media workers so they can pass on that knowledge to students and media consumers
• To encourage thinking and analyze critically the online contents
• To make capable to analyze, compare and critically evaluate the credibility and reliability of sources of data, information and digital contents;
• To enrich people with the necessary skills to be able to recognize quality information, opinions, judgments and misleading contents;
• The project will facilitate the creation of new written content in the form of a handbook, and will increase the impact on media education both at the university and in society.

Moreover, the tense relations between North Macedonia and Bulgaria are becoming the main obstacle for integration of the country in the EU. A big contribution to this situation comes from the media and the way information is transmited. Therefore, several media in Macedonia, namely Telma, Vidi Vaka, Sakam da Kazam, Nezavisen and TV Koha, which have a tradition in objective informing the public were supported through this project in order to produce numerous articles, expert analysis, coverages, and comments on the EU membership process and the dispute between Bulgaria and North Macedonia.