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Universiteti i Evropës Juglindore
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Sadudin Ibraimi

Fakulteti : Biznesi dhe Ekonomia
Thirja akademike : Profesor inordinar
Angazhimi : Me kohë të plotë
Të dhënat personale
E-mail : s.ibraimi@seeu.edu.mk
Adresa : Ilindenska bb
Telefoni : 00389 44 356 169
Faks : 00389 44 356 001


  • Jan 2005 - Sep 2009: PhD
    Faculty: Mechanical Engineering
    Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje,Macedonia
    Specialty: Management
    Thesis: "Прилог кон истражувањата за избор на локација, обезбедување на капацитет и избор на технологија за планирање на производствената старетегија"

  • Sep 1994 - Jun 1997: MBA
    Faculty: Business Administration
    Ankara University, Turkey
    Specialty: Management
    Thesis: " Financing Foreign Trade in Macedonia "

  • Aug 1991 - Jun 1994: Baschelor of Science
    Faculty: Mechanical Engineering
    Erciyes University, Turkey
    Specialty: Industrial Management


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Përvoja e punës

  • Oct 2014 - Present : Associate Professor
    South East European University, Tetovo, Macedonia
    Type of business or sector: Education and Research

  • Oct 2009 - Oct 2014: Assistant Professor
    South East European University, Tetovo, Macedonia
    Type of business or sector: Education and Research

  • Feb 2014 - Sep 2014: Visiting Professor
    AAB University, Prishtina, Republic of Kosova
    Type of business or sector: Education and Research

  • Sep 2009 - Jan 2010: Post-doctoral
    Linnaeus University, Växjö,Sweden
    Type of business or sector: Education and Research

  • Sep 2004 - Sep 2009: Assistant Lecturer
    South East European University, Tetovo, Macedonia
    Type of business or sector: Education and Research

  • Sep 2001 - Jun 2004: Director
    Bogazici INLINGUA, Istanbul, Turkey
    Type of business or sector: Education and Research

  • Sep 2001 - Jun 2004: Research
    Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey
    Type of business or sector: Education and Research

  • Jun 1997 - Jun 2004: Operations Manager
    Bogazici`OPEL`, Istanbul,Turkey
    Type of business or sector: Automotive industry

  • Sep 1998 - Jun 2001: Research
    Bosphorus University, Istanbul,Turkey
    Type of business or sector: Education and Research

  • Sep 1997 - Jun 1998: Research
    Fatih University, Istanbul,Turkey
    Type of business or sector: Education and Research