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Hajrulla Hajrullai

Department : Qendra e gjuheve
Thirja akademike : Lektor i lartë
Angazhimi : Me kohë të plotë
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C2 - Proficient
C2 - Proficient
C2 - Proficient
B1 - Intermediate
A2 - Elementary


  • Oct 2018 - Jan 2022: Doctor of Sciences in Public Governance and Administration
    Faculty: Contemporary Social Sciences
    South East European University, Tetovo, North Macedonia
    Specialty: Education
    Thesis: "Integrity and Corruption in Higher Education in North Macedonia"

  • Sep 2007 - Apr 2011: Master of Science in Education (Fulbright Scholar Program)
    Faculty: History, Philosophy and Comparative Education
    Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
    Specialty: International Comparative Education

  • Oct 2001 - Jun 2005: Bachelor in English Language and Literature
    Faculty: Languages, Culture and Communication
    South East European University, Tetovo, Macedonia


  • Binaku, Artan; Hajrullaji, Hajrulla; Why it has taken so long for the current TRADE REGIME, centered on the world trade Organisation to evolve?. SEEU, Skopje/Tetovo, 20182019.

  • Hajrullai, Hajrulla; Rustemi, Agron ; Radosavlevikj, Neda; Accountability of higher education institutions in North Macedonia.. South East European University, Tetovo, 2022. (Link)

  • Radosavlevikj , Neda; Hajrullai, Hajrulla; ENHANCING LEARNING AUTONOMY IN AN ESP CLASS BY USING LMS GOOGLE CLASSROOM. 2020. (Link)


  • Ejupi, Suzana ; Hajrullai, Hajrulla; A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF CONJUNCTIONS BETWEEN ENGLISH AND ALBANIAN LANGUAGE., Budva, Montenegro, 2019.

  • Hajrullaji, Hajrulla ; Binaku, Artan ; Can It Be Argued That There Has Been a Successful Process of Convergence in the Making of Foreign Policy in Europe . Faculty of Law, "St. Kliment Ohridski" University of Bitola, Republic of North Macedonia, Bitola, 2019. (Link)

  • Hajrullai, Hajrulla; Sherifi, Betim ; Braimi, Ermira ; Iseni, Rilind; Imeri, Sahra ; Ethics and integrity for students of South East European University . SEEU, Tetovo, 2019. (Link)

  • Radosavlevikj, Neda ; Hajrullaji , Hajrulla ; Implementing Video Presentations and Students Reactions in ESP Classes (Study Conducted at the Language Centre-Tetovo, SEEU). University of Novi Sad, Technical faculty „Mihajlo Pupin”, Zrenjanin, Republic of Serbia, Zrenjanin, 2019. (Link)

  • Hajrullai, Hajrulla; Influencing factors on further development of bilingual education in Macedonia. 2018. (Link)

  • Saliu, Basri ; Hajrullai, Hajrulla ; Best Practices in the English for specific purposes classes at the language center. Procedia- Social and Behavioral Sciences , Antalya, 2016. (Link)

  • Hajrullai, Hajrulla ; Saliu, Basri; The application of 4-a scheme in the context of higher education in Macedonia. Procedia- Social and Behavioral Sciences , Antalya, Turkey, 2016. (Link)

  • Hajrullai, Hajrulla; Gramsci in educational scholarship. Technical faculty „Mihajlo Pupin”, Zrenjanin , Zrenjanin, 2015. (Link)

  • Hajrullai, Hajrulla ; What do Media, Corruption and Higher Education Have in Common in Macedonia?. In World Conference on Educational Sciences , pp. 1188–1194. 2015. (Link)

  • Hajrullai, Hajrulla ; Media and corruption in higher education in Macedonia. 2013. (Link)

  • Hajrullai, Hajrulla ; Experiencing the Model United Nations. Skopje, 2011. (Link)

  • Spirovska, Elena; Hajrullai, Hajrulla; Zeqiri, Luiza; Xhemali, Serdal; Kareva, Veronika; Limani, ArtanHajrullai, Hajrulla ; Towards excellence in education: The efforts of the Language Center. 2011. (Link)

  • Saliu, Basriu; Hajrullaji, Hajrulla; Saliu, B., Hajrullai, H., 2016. Best Practices in the English for specific purposes classes at the language center. . 0. (Link)

Përvoja e punës

  • 2011 - Present : Lector
    See University, Tetovo, Tetovo, Macedonia
    Type of business or sector: Language Center

  • Jan 2020 - Jan 2022: Researcher / Project Implementation
    Max Van Der Stoel Institute at the South East European University, Tetovo, Macedonia
    Type of business or sector: Education and Research
    Main responsibilities: Project implementation, Erasmus+ Project Short Info: Academic integrity, research integrity, integrity in business, integrity in society are usually described as separate fields. In this project, we seek to c

  • Jan 2009 - Jan 2021: Interpreter for Short Term Observer(STO)
    OSCE/ODIHR Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights , Skopje, North Macedonia
    Type of business or sector: International Organization
    Main responsibilities: Interpretation for the incoming Short Term Observers for Presidential, Municipal or Parliamentary elections.

  • Jan 2009 - Dec 2012: Consultant
    South East European University, Tetovo, Macedonia
    Type of business or sector: Education

  • Jan 2006 - May 2007: Counseling/Coordination
    Indiana University/USAID, Indiana University, Bloomington
    Type of business or sector: Education
    Main responsibilities: Counseling and coordinating for a USAID project called Primary Education Project