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Universiteti i Evropës Juglindore
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Economics and Business - LSE - led BSc in Economics and Management at the University of London

Number of Students:
The following number of students shall be admitted in the programme: 50

About the programme
  1. SEEU is the first University in Macedonia and the region that is in cooperation with University of London - UoL International Programme;
  2. The programme is taught in English;
  3. Duration of the studies is three to maximum eight years to complete the programme at UoL;
  4. After the completion of the programme requirements students will gain diploma from both SEE-University and University of London;
  5. There will be continuous evaluation during the studies in SEEU (regular three years studies);
  6. Examinations for the University of London are held once a year (May or June) at the British Council. The exams are held for the completion of the degree of University of London International Programmes. The exams are designed and graded by LSE, which is the lead college of this programme;
  7. You shall find eminent local and international professors preparing you for the examinations according to the UoL study guide;

Please note!

The application fee handling is a onetime cost and does not count toward the total fees.
There are four courses in one year. At UoL International Programmes, one unit costs 210 GBP.
  SEEU UniversityofLondon
Application Feehandling: 25 EUR 76 GBP
Initial Registration Fee:     710 GBP
Examination Fee per Course:     210 x 4 = 840 GBP
Total Fees First Year: 1000 EUR 1550 GBP
Continuing Registration Fee:     350 GBP
Examination Fee per Course:     210 x 4 = 840 GBP
Total Fees Second Year: 1000 EUR 1190 GBP
Continuing Registration Fee:     350 GBP
Examination Fee per Course:     210 x 4 = 840 GBP
Total Fees Third Year: 1000 EUR 1190 GBP
Total Fees: 3000 EUR 3930 GBP
British Council Fees for UoL exams (Fees per exam)     ***  
British council is the only accredited institution in R. Macedonia to enter the UoL exams.
Each year they charge a specific fee for the exams, the fees will vary depending on the number of the exams the student will register.
If the students fail to enrol at UoL the corresponding fee for SEEU is 1000EUR per semester.

For more information please check the call:  Final Call 2016/2017

Deadline for submission of applications is
31st of August 2016.

The ISM program coordinator will assist you throughout the overall application process.

UoL Application Deadline

Application deadline:
1 October in the year before you intend to sit your exams

Registration deadline:
30 November

Start studying:
Study materials are usually available from mid-August

May / June
Hyrije Abazi - Alili
South East European University
Ilindenska 335
1200 Tetovo, Macedonia
P: +389 44 356 067
F: +389 44 356 001
The application process is divided in two phases:
1st Phase

South East European University Application

Eligible candidates first should apply to the South East European University and if they pass the first phase, they will apply to University of London.

Interested candidates should submit a completed application to the South East European University.
Complete the On-line application, submit the application documents to building 802, in the University Campus or by post, in the following address:

South East European University
Ilindenska 335
1200 Tetovo, Macedonia

The shortlisted candidates will be scheduled an interview with South East European University representatives, to consider whether they fulfil the University of London – International Programmes requirements.

2nd Phase

University of London application

After successfully passing the first phase of the application at SEEU, candidates will apply to the University of London – International Programmes. Candidates will be guided from South East European University officials for the application process.

UoL Entrance Requirements

  • Be at least 17 years old and either have passes in
  • Have passed the Matura with minimum percentage of 90% (in states where Matura exam is applicable)
  • Have passed all the subjects in internal exams with minimum grade of 4
  • In all years of study have an average grade of 4.5 in Mathematics
  • Minimum GPA of 4.5
  • Provide proof of competence in English which is acceptable to the University.

    A test of proficiency is required:
    1. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) when an overall score of at least 6 is achieved with a minimum of 5.5 in each sub-test. Visit the website, or; OR
    2. Test in English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a score of 580 (or 237 on the computerised test) plus the Test of Written English (TWE) with a score of 4.5 (or a Writing Rating of 4.5 in the computerised test). Visit the website for more information; OR
    3. Test in English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) iBT Test of English as a Foreign Language overall score of 75 or above with at least 18 in both Reading and Writing Skills sub-tests and at least 16 in both Speaking and Listening sub-tests.

For more information about the description and curricula of the study program please visit: Economics and Business