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  • SEE University Alpine Club conquers Mt. Ararat

    4 September 2009

    Memet Mehmeti and Artan Luma, members of the SEE University-Alpine Club and the Alpine Federation of Republic of Macedonia, participated in a climbing expedition in Turkey, from the 26th of August to the 3rd of September 2009. Despite bad weather conditions, they successfully reached the summit of the Turkish mountain, Ararat (altitude 5137 m).

  • Dr Farrington at the 31st Annual Forum of the EAIR in Lithuania

    2 September 2009

    Dr Dennis Farrington, President of the University Board, representing SEEU, Republic of Macedonia, was Track Chair for the topic 'Where does the power of governance reside' at the 31st Annual Forum of the EAIR (European Association for Institutional Research: ) held at the University of Vilnius, Lithuania, (celebrating its 430th anniversary) from 23 to 26 August 2009.

  • Important information regarding the results of application for enrollment at SEEU

    28 August 2009

    South East European University in the short period will announce results regarding the applications for registration in the academic year 2009-2010. Namely, on 3rd of September 2009 preliminary results of the admitted candidates will be announced and on 5th of September 2009 final results of the applicants will be announced. In meantime, the students’ enrollment (first semester registration of admitted students) could be realized on 7-11 September 2009.Information regarding English language placement testing (level of English language will be tested) that will be held on 9th of September 2009, at 11:00 o’clock will be announced on 7th of September 2009 together with the information of lists and classrooms.

  • South East European University in Tetovo started cooperation with Tokyo University, Department of computer sciences

    25 August 2009

    The Faculty of Contemporary Science and Technology at SEEU  and the Tokyo University of Technology, Faculty of Engineering, department of Computer Sciences, are expected to start concrete cooperation in all areas, said the Dean of the Faculty of Contemporary Scence and Technology. Assistant Professor,  Bekim Fetaji, has already being engaged as a Guest Lecturer at this Japanese University.

  • SEEU Team 7th in the European Championship in Futsal

    14 August 2009

    This year's 6th European Championship in Futsal took place in Podgorica, Montenegro from 20 - 26 July with 16 University teams from 15 European countries participating. One of these was the SEEU futsal team, who managed to reach the 1/8 finals, finally taking 7th place. Players scored an average of 7 goals per match and received an average of 2 cards per game. There was only one red card which meant that the real winner of the tournament was the idea of 'fair play'.

  • Doctoral dissertation proof for the scientific-research work at SEEU

    11 August 2009

    South East European University once more proves that it is a leader in the region on creating specialized staff in different science fields. During May, June and July, beside a numerous defences of master thesis, several doctoral dissertations were defended as well.  The conducted researches and dissertations were followed with a great interest not only by broaden public opinion, but as well by the national and local media in Macedonia.

  • The Masters thesis a crown of MA research studies at SEEU

    10 July 2009

    At SEEU, during June and July several public defences of master thesis and doctoral dissertations were organized.  Several topics have raised a great interest among colleagues and wider public opinion. "The role of the financial management in the creation of the qualitative and competitive environment in SEEU”, was the topic of the master thesis work of the candidate Rashid Emini, while Flora Kadriu, defended the master thesis work titled: "Social aspects of secularization in RM".

  • Seminar “Current Trends in Computer Sciences”

    7 July 2009

    Тhe seminar entitled “Current Trends in Computer Sciences” was held оn Thursday and Friday, July 2nd and 3rd in the premises of Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies Faculty - South East European University in Tetovo, Macedonia. The seminar was organised by three partner Universities: South East European University (SEEU), Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies (CST) Faculty-Macedonia, Polytechnic University of Tirana (PUT), Faculty of Information Technology (IT)-Albania and University of Prishtina (UP), Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)-Kosovo.

  • The first master thesis defence through video conferencing at South East European University

    30 June 2009

    On 24th June, 2009 the candidate Iranda Bajrami from the Faculty of Languages Cultures and Communications – English Language Teaching and the lector at the Language Centre (SEEU) defended her master thesis successfully.  This defence deserves a special attention because this was the first defence through video conferencing at SEEU.

  • A delegation of Istanbul University visited SEEU

    17 June 2009

    Tuesday (16 June 2009), a delegation of Istanbul University, led by the Rector, Prof. Dr. Yunus SÖYLET, accompanied by the pro-rectors and the director of hospitals network of this University visited South East European University.

    The purpose of this visit was the deepening of cooperation between the two universities and establishment of closer ties of cooperation in concrete areas.

  • Graduation ceremony – generation 2006/2007

    9 June 2009

    On Saturday 6 June 2009, at the South East European University (SEEU),Tetovo, a large number of students, parents and guests had the opportunity to celebrate the generation 2006/2007 graduation.

  • SEEU students in a working visit to the Assembly of Republic of Kosovo

    4 June 2009

    Days ago, a group of students of the Faculty of Public Administration and Political Science, accompanied by Secretary General of the South East European University (SEEU), Xhevair Memedi, pro-dean Prof. Jonuz Abdullai (the organizer), Professor Bejtush Gashi, the Director of Human Resources Muharrem Etemi, Head of the PR Office Demush Bajrami and the President of the SEEU Students’ Union Agon Ferati, realized a working visit to the Assembly of Republic Kosovo.

  • With SEEU you can earn a degree from the University of London

    4 June 2009

    Joint workshop between SEEU and UNIVERSITY OF LONDON that was held Saturday (May 30th 2009), marked the beginning of the implementation of the concrete cooperation between these two prestigious universities.

    The workshop was organized for the promotion of the first cycle – undergraduate study program (which will be part of academic offer) in the field of "Information Systems and Management", according to the concept of 'the dual degree.'

  • Well known American professors lectured at the SEEU-Communication Department

    3 June 2009

    The Communication Sciences Department at the SEEU organized a public lecture with two well known communication sciences professors from Indiana University - Purdue University (United States), Jonathan Tankel and Jane Banks.

    The lecture is destined for the students of the Communication Sciences - Albanian and Macedonian language groups. The professors and students of other faculties were welcomed to take part.

  • Sevil Rexhepi and Merita Zulfiu attended in the international conference in Turkey

    21 April 2009

    "Foreign direct investment and sustainable development in transition economies-The case of the Republic of Macedonia", was the topic of scientific paper, which Sevilla Rexhepi and Merita Zulfiu, presented at the international conference, held from 6-9 April 2009 in Antalya Turkey. The conference was organized by the Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara University, University of Warwick, U.K. and the Bucks New University, U.K.

  • SEEU and Polytechnic University of Tirana signed a co-operation agreement

    19 April 2009

    Monday (13 April 2009) South East European University and the Polytechnic University of Tirana, signed a co-operation agreement. The agreement was signed at SEEU, by the Rector of SEE University, academician Alajdin Abazi and Rector of the Polytechnic University of Tirana, Prof. Dr. Jorgaq Kacani.

    "The aim of the agreement is to establish cooperation in the sphere of science and education between SEEU and Polytechnic University of Tirana," said the Rector of SEEU, academician Alajdin Abazi.

  • At SEEU was promoted the report 'People Centered Analyses'

    16 April 2009

    Macedonia is turning into a country of rich and poor people. This was the opinion of the UNDP and SEEU representatives during the promotion of the repot “People Centered Analyses”, that was held Friday (10th April 2009) at SEEU.

  • SEEU signed co-operation agreement with the Ozyegin Universitesi-Istanbul

    16 April 2009

    Monday (6 April 2009), South East European University -Tetovo and the Özyeğin Üniversitesi-Istanbul, Turkey, signed a co-operation agreement. The agreement was signed by the Rector of SEEU, academician Alajdin Abazi and the Rector of the Özyeğin Üniversitesi, Prof. Dr. Erhan Erkut "Özyeğin Üniversitesi-Istanbul is a pro-European and especially pro-American oriented university. A very similar to our university. We have signed agreement for bilateral cooperation in many fields, especially in the field of academic staff and students’ mobility" said Rector of SEEU, academic Alajdin Abazi.

  • Started with work the Library of the Faculty for Contemporary Sciences and Technologies

    16 April 2009

    We would like to inform you that on 09.03.2009 (Monday) started with work the Library of the Faculty for Contemporary Sciences and Technologies that will operate within the frames of the University library “Max van der Schtul”.

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