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Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication

The Faculty of Languages, Cultures, and Communication offers students a broad range of courses related to languages, literatures, cultures, and communication. It provides specialist instruction in the Albanian, English, and German languages, and offers degree programs for these subjects at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Pedagogical theory and teacher training are also important elements for LCC courses, as many of our graduates choose to pursue careers in the field of education. The modern discipline of communications is also well represented in the Faculty, and we provide extensive course offerings for those interested in media studies, cultural relations, and political and social analysis. This program is particularly appropriate for those interested in careers in journalism and Public Relations.

The staff of the Faculty is multinational, multilingual, and diverse. They regularly contribute to the scholarship of their respective fields with their publications and their participation in academic conferences and seminars. The Faulty itself hosts international conferences, allowing our students to engage with the international scholars who come to present their findings to us.

Students who choose to pursue language study will have the opportunity to be taught by native speakers during their degree program.

The primary aim of the Faculty is to produce students who have an informed and respectful understanding of the many cultures we study, and of the ways in which those cultures interrelate through communications and languages. We also strive to provide them with market-useable skills, so that they will be able to use their educations to find satisfying and rewarding employment in their chosen fields