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Doctoral School in SEEU

Doctoral studies are third-cycle studies of higher education, which are organized in accordance with the rules of studies in line with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

The third cycle of studies last at least six semesters, with 180 credits (ECTS) earned. Necessary activities within the study programmes include: academic training with advanced and professional courses; a PhD thesis proposal; a minimum of one week of international mobility; public presentations of progress on the doctoral dissertation; two publications in international scientific journals and participation in international conferences related to the candidate’s doctoral work; and a public defence of the doctoral dissertation.

South East European University (SEEU) provides the best quality conditions for learning and research in the relevant scientific fields. The study environment at SEEU is very collegial and supportive.

Doctoral studies are significantly different from the previous two cycles of higher education (first cycle and second) where the emphasis is on learning rather than research. Research in doctoral studies is a long, intensive and often difficult process, which is realized in cooperation with a mentor from the scientific field. Doctoral students gain knowledge and competence in scientific and research methodology, abilities that are then demonstrated in the doctoral thesis. The dissertation is required to be an important original scientific contribution.

A doctorate is not only important for the development of an academic career, but also to the growing demands of the labour market (economy, industry, the public sector, civil society, etc.), by being necessary to the development of experts who will contribute to the creation of new knowledge, new products or new methods.