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Faculty of Business and Economics

The Faculty of Business and Economics was established with the aim of training new professionals who will develop a successful career in business and economics in Macedonia and abroad. Faculty study programs are designed based on the best practices from similar successful regional and international faculties from the region. The faculty aims over the next decade to become one of the most prestigious and innovative business schools in the country, offering a range of modern academic programs under the principle of flexibility, meeting the needs of the labor market, by implementing cyclical programs in collaboration with prestigious American and Europeanuniversities. The Faculty sees the quality of teaching and the quality of the academic staff as two intertwined pillars that enable youth to be successful in the labor market. In this regard, the Faculty permanently revises and advances its study programs, the development of the academic staff and makes permanent efforts to improve the quality of teaching and learning. The Faculty possesses a homogeneous and qualitative academic staff, educated and qualified in the most prestigious local and international universities. The study programs are offered in three languages: Albanian, Macedonian and English, providing an ideal opportunity for students to perform part of their studies at the partner institutions worldwide. The advanced technology, the ideal conditions for teaching and learning, the pleasant environment for work and study, the richness with book titles of the library, the presence of a significant number of international academic staff, the contemporary approaches to teaching, to a wide range of study programs in all levels of higher education, the opportunities for being involved in research projects, as well as the internationally recognized diplomas, are a guarantee that the Faculty of Business and Economics at the South East European University really offers more opportunities than anywhere.