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Alumni Vision


The SEEU Alumni Association is an association dedicated to serve to the University, alumni, students and its friends. Its mission is to strengthen and expand the SEE University by assisting in the recruitment of students, engaging in activities to enhance the university’s reputation locally and around the World and to promote a positive image of the University and its alumni.


1. To foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the University and its alumni;
2. To promote lifelong connections among alumni, students, faculty staff, and friends of the University;
3. To initiate cooperation with other alumni or organization in order to cultivate a goodwill and support for the city by sponsoring social educations, philanthropic and service-oriented programs;
4. To encourage a meaningful involvement of all the graduate and undergraduate students to perpetuate the sense of pride based to the outstanding qualities of the University and the education it provides;
5. To be open to all, on the basis of equity and merit regardless of ethnicity;
6. Actively seek co-operation with other Alumni Associations, both in the Republic of Macedonia and Internationally as a whole.