South East European University
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Rector speech

Dear students, welcome to South East European University! 

By choosing to study at South East European University (SEEU), you have selected an attractive, promising and highly responsive environment of university education. I am sure that you will be regular students in lectures and exercises, where, with the help of your professors and assistants, you will learn, overcome challenges and complete your studies on-time.

First of all, here you will be prepared with the necessary knowledge for the labour market. Here too you will find the academic and cultural differences that will enrich your studies at South East European University.

  • Universities have an obligation to offer and provide new generations with capacities, skills and knowledge in order to compete in the global labour market. The new realities in Southeast Europe will necessarily change the present and the future of this region, transforming the Balkans into a success story as part of the European family.

  • We, the staff and students working together, aim for the realization of the project “SEEU 3.0”. If the project "2.0" had to do with users as content creators, "3.0" will be creating personalized approaches tailored according to individual requirements, in the context of a common development vision.

After all, it is our great pleasure to have you here. SEEU appreciates the fact that you have chosen South East European University by appreciating our study offer. Not surprisingly, all of our common commitment has only one purpose: to find opportunities to help you move forward in your careers!

Thank you for showing your interest to study at South East European University!

Sincerely, Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika