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The Senate

The Senate is the principal academic organ of the University.

The Senate consists of the following persons:

  1. The Rector;
  2. The Pro-Rectors;
  3. The Deans of Faculties, and Heads or Directors of other academic units;
  4. Two members elected by and from the academic staff in each Faculty or other unit not within a Faculty;
  5. One member per Faculty elected by and from the students in each Faculty;
  6. One member elected by non-academic staff.

The Senate is responsible for:

  • Discussing general issues relating to the research, scholarship, teaching and courses at the University;
  • The content of the curriculum on the recommendation of the Faculty Councils;
  • Pursuant to the provisions of the law, on the recommendation of the Faculty Councils, determining the educational activities of the University to be performed in the Albanian, Macedonian and international languages;
  • Establishing procedures for assuring academic quality including the appointment of an Evaluation Commission and the adoption of evaluation guidelines in accordance the law;
  • Implementing procedures for securing academic standards and the validation and review of courses;
  • Determining on the recommendation of the Rector’s Council numbers of students to be enrolled and criteria for the admission of students;
  • Policies, criteria and procedures for assessment and examination of the academic performance of students, on the recommendation of the Rector’s Council;
  • The award of degrees, diplomas and certificates, on the recommendation of Faculty Councils;
  • Making provisions for lifelong learning on the recommendation of the Rector’s Council;
  • Procedures for the award of qualifications and honorary academic titles;
  • Procedures for the exclusion of students for academic or other reasons.
  • Consideration of the policy for the protection of the intellectual property of the University and its commercial exploitation;
  • Provision of advice on such other matters as the University Board, its Executive Committee, the Rector or the Rector‘s Council may refer to the Senate;
  • To verify a shortlist of candidates for the position of Rector