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Life on Campus

Diversity is the key word for describing the many recreational opportunities offered at the University campus.

In the spirit of creating an enriching study experience, SEEU is making permanent efforts to ensure qualitative recreation activities for the improved spiritual, mental and social life of students, professors and administrative workers. There are always comfortable places for recreation and learning on the campus. Currently on the University campus there are premises for sport activities like football, basketball, handball, volleyball, table tennis, etc. Also within the University there exists the Sport Department, where students have the opportunity to be involved in various clubs, which participate in local and state level.

SEEU operates its academic activities from two teaching establishments, the main campus in Tetovo and its newly established campus in the capital city, Skopje.

The main campus of SEEU is built upon the principle – all in one, which enables interactive comprehensiveness between students in all study disciplines. The campus is a model university facility in that it stretches across a large green area and contains purpose-built accommodations. These include: four large lecture halls with the capacity to fit 200 to 500 students, approximately 30 classrooms with a capacity for 30 to 60 students, staff offices, two state-of-the-art computer centers with more than 650 computers, a library and residen­tial accommodations. In addition, there are sev­eral recreational facilities where students can add social activities to their academic experience at SEEU. Recently, the main campus was expanded and added a new Business Education Building and 8 new computer laboratories with 150 computers from the type “Sun thin client” and 50 computers in support of teaching, learning and re­search.

The equipment for teaching is modern, practical and enables optimal services for application and interactive learning.

The SEEU campus in Skopje is not nearly as large as the main campus in Tetovo, but it provides the same essential features that make SEEU such a uniquely modern European university and an excellent and enjoyable place to earn a degree. The campus is located in the heart of the capital city.