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Sport Activities

SEEU Sport Department

The Sport Department is a separate unit, which operates within the South East European University and it is responsible for organizing sports activities of students.

Within this department, various sports competitions are organized, with the sole purpose that students develop physical activities important for health, well-being and quality of student life.

The principle of equal opportunities, that the needs of every young person for sports, cultural and educational activities should form the basis of planning a healthy society is one of the main postulates of the Sport Department.

Within the Sport Department, students are also supported with financial means (scholarships), which cover part of their tuition fee at SEEU. 

During the day, students can use the sports fields for football, basketball and volleyball, as well as indoor facilities for chess, ping pong, pilates, fitness, dance and yoga.

Indoor Football Club - SEE University

Indoor Football Club - SEE University Tetovo within SEEU Sports Department is established in 2004 and since then the main goal has been, is and will be to offer to our current and prospective students the highest quality opportunities and conditions to engage in sports and recreational activities thus preserving both physical and mental health.

IFC SEE University also aims to ensure the full participation of students and high school pupils in sports, cultural and educational life. This means equal opportunities regardless of ethnicity, religion and socio-economic background.

IFC SEE University competes in the state competitions within the First and Second League in indoor football at the Football Federation of North Macedonia as well as in the university competitions (Universiada) in RNM. One of the activities of IFC SEE University is the development and strengthening of indoor football in the Republic of North Macedonia and the promotion of effective measures to prevent violence on sports fields, which means ‘Fair Play’ to students, pupils and to young people in general.

Current students and high school students who have talent for sports, especially indoor football are IFC SEE University members.


For sports equipment (football, basketball, volleyball, chess and table tennis), as well as for organizing sports activities, contact the Sports Department located near the sports fields in the building 202.01./3  

SEEU Sport Department

Mujdin Livoreka, 


Office phone: 044 356 264 and 044 356 020;