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Considering Life, Work and Career Experience for Academic Completion Program

SEEU experienced vivid development in terms of academic programs development and offer, operational organisation and positioning in the society. After a period of constant and significant growth of the number of students we are in the period of rather stable incoming students’ numbers. This offers an opportunity for improving institutional performances in many areas identified with potential for the future of the institution. Besides the quality, diversity of academic offer, career development and support and few other directions, it has been identified that there is a significant number of actual and former enrolled students that have not completed their degrees. This program aims to provide institutional structure and procedures to support earning of academic degree of this category of students.

The processes are in line with existing rules and procedures of SEE University. The student must request to be considered for academic completion program. This practically means that the student needs to fill-in a request form (R03) and submit it to the corresponding faculty.

The student advisor and the dean/pro-dean will further complete the forms necessary and provide academic roadmap for the student.

Please contact the Faculty Administration for initiation of academic completion.