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Dardan Bekteshi
employed at Moodagent in Copenhagen as a Software Developer

I studied in the SEEU--Computer Engineering study programme at the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies from 2013 to 2016. Throughout the study period I had a merit scholarship awarded by the University. Currently I live in Denmark, where I have completed master studies in Software Development (with specialization in Business Analytics) at IT University of Copenhagen. During my studies at SEEU I completed a 3-month internship at ‘Ecolog International’ in Tetovo. In my last semester I was engaged as a Lab Tutor at the CST Faculty. At SEEU, you will be able to work in labs with modern equipment, and to engage in projects where you will be able to use different technologies and receive advice from professors who are experts in relevant fields.

Dr. Kushtrim Istrefi
lecturer of International and European Law at the University of Amsterdam and Human Rights Visiting Lecturer in Riga Graduate School of Law

SEEU remains a leading university in the region for its advanced study programmes, ethnic and cultural diversity access, impressive infrastructure and the professional approach of academic and administrative staff to students.

Shqipe Zendeli
German Language Teacher, Job Placement Mentor, State Trainer, Klubschule Migros Zürich, Switzerland

The knowledge that I gained at SEEU has served me a lot in the profession that I currently practice. In particular, the knowledge that I acquired in the methodology course, which is of a high European standard, has helped me in my professional preparation. I got my first experience as a German language teacher during my studies, where I was given the opportunity to practice teaching in the elementary schools of Switzerland and attend lectures at the Higher Pedagogical School in the Canton of Zug. This was achieved thanks to the cooperation between South East European University and the Swiss Higher Pedagogical School.

Aleksandar Sotirovski
employed at Leoron Events JLT, Dubai, UEA

South East European University provided me with a first-class education and, together with my acclamation as a student of my generation, the SEEU Career Center has helped me find a very lucrative job at Leoron Group, an international company with headquarters in Dubai. I am very pleased with the support that I have received from the university and would recommend to anyone who wants a quality education and a successful career, to choose SEEU.