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Student Clubs

Management club

The goal of the club is to arouse special interest of management students. The way and the nature of management is to search for creativity, good organizational skills, correct elaboration of information, and good leaders. In certain cases, they search for new ideas for outlets in accurate situations.

Marketing Club

There are many reasons for constituting this club as: raising the awareness of marketing students, giving opportunity to show their talents and capabilities. Increasingly marketing is a main factor for company success, so students’ dedication to this sector is very important. 

Law Club

There were reasons for constituting this club such as: raising the students awareness of law, and the opportunity to show their talents and capabilities in this area. The Law Club was formed on 21 January 2008.

Public administration club

After considering the need for forming the public administration club, the student union formed it self same on the same date, 21 January 2008. The reasons for creating this club are many, but specifically the need to raise the students’ awareness of the courses they are studying and for professional improvement.

Labor and Social Politics Club

The were reasons for forming this club, such as raising the students awareness in the area of social questions and the opportunity to show their talents and capabilities . The club was formed by the students of the study program, labor and social politics.

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