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Student Clubs

Debate and the Public Speaking Club
Description: Trainings and debates, discussing on issues that are problematic in different fields.
Activities: Debate with students and debates with various public figures, various conferences with guests and trainers.

Culture and Cinema Club
Description: The club will conduct various activities related to the broadcasting of films and cultural activities.
Activities: Broadcasting of films, discussion about world cinematography, etc.

Mountaineering Club
Description: Exploring natural beauties and organizing different camps.
Activities: Various recreational activities like hiking, mountaineering, mountain climbing, etc.

Charity Club
Description: The club will develop various humanitarian activities and provide assistance to people in need of support.
Activities: Raising morale and motivation of pupils and students with special needs, financial assistance to the poor, etc.

Ethical Hacking Club
Description: Organization of various activities in the field of technology as well as training, in order students to gain experience in the same field.
Activities: Organization of various trainings and seminars.

Feminist Club
Description: This club has a common goal to define, create and achieve political, economic, cultural, personal and social rights for women. This includes requirements to create equal opportunities for women in education and employment.
Activities: Organization of trainings and conferences on gender values, debate about their rights, etc.

Sport Club
Description: Through this club, we will try to arrange various sports activities and arrange different competitions in sports.
Activities: Football, basketball, ping-pong, chess, swimming, etc.

Lawyers club
Description: This club aims to promote through activities their interests and goals and to try to train students through conferences, trainings as future lawmakers.
Activities: Training, conferences, study visits, etc.