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Basic Skills English (BSE)

Basic Skills English is the largest of the Center’s teaching programs. It provides language courses from Level 1 to Level 4 and Academic English to all first year students at the University. These courses are offered as core courses to the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Public Administration and Political Sciences, Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies and Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication. According to the university three-year study cycle, all the students are required to take minimum two semesters of BSE. Classes meet from two to eight hours per week, with the lower levels receiving the most hours of instruction. Each level comprises a full semester of instruction. Instruction is designed to take students from Common European Framework (CEF) levels A1 to C1 of English language proficiency.

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Students from all SEEU faculties (except for Department of English Language and Literature) are required to complete English language courses specialized to their field. Students generally begin these courses during the third semester. The Language Center provides the syllabus, materials, and usually the instructors for these courses.

Albanian and Macedonian Classes

Albanian and Macedonian are required subjects in the first two semesters for native speakers of Macedonian and Albanian respectively. The study of these two languages contributes to the overall goal of nurturing cross-cultural understanding and sensitivity. It is also in line with the multi-lingual and multi-national context of the University itself.

Foreign Language Electives

In addition to English, the Language Center, in cooperation with the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication, offers instruction in three other foreign languages: French, German, and Italian. Students from all SEEU faculties have the option of choosing to follow one foreign language as a course elective. Courses range from beginning level to advanced, specialized study in the language.

Language classes to SEEU Faculty and Staff

The Language Center also provides regular free English language classes to SEEU employees. Three levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) are available, each meeting for two hours per week. Depending upon demand, in cooperation with the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication, the Language Center also offers such classes in French, German and Italian.

Language classes for the community

Since summer 2007, the Language Center started offering language classes for the local community. These courses are in English and, depending upon demand, in other foreign languages. Currently, the LC offers two pilot English programs via a combined on site and distance instructional format: iBT TOEFL Preparation and Business English.

Support for MA in English Language Teaching Program

In cooperation with the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication, the Language Center has taken supportive role in the MA in ELT program.

Part Time Studies Program

All LC courses that are offered to full time students are also provided via the PT studies program.