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ICT - Training and Research Center

Training and Research Center at Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies is a modern laboratory equipped with the most advanced contemporary ICT appliances at South East European University. TRC is intended for scientific research work, training and laboratory practical hours for student as well as for faculty staff members. Laboratories are used from undergraduate, postgraduate and at doctoral students. Whereas offices are allocated for PhD students, so they can be close to their research work place. Undergraduate students use this center for their practical hours too, students at master and doctoral level use this center for research projects and scientific - research work.

The Center is composed of eight laboratories (with 25 working stations):

  1. Programming and Information Systems
  2. e -Technologies
  3. High Performance Computing and Control Systems
  4. Networks and Distributed Systems
  5. Multimedia Systems and GIS
  6. Operating Systems and System Software
  7. IT skills/Microsoft Laboratory
  8. e - Education and Digital Library

Five of laboratories are equipped with desktop computers and two of them using Sun Ray 2 clients in total capacity of 175 working stations. For laboratory practical hours at disposal are 6 Sun Fire server (X2200 M2, 4 core processor, 8 GB RAM), 2 IBM x3650 servers (2 processors with total 8 cores, 48GB RAM and SAN Storage) and IBM SAN Storage System with around 5 TB capacity. Most of the servers are configured and installed with Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology and the rest Linux technology. The virtual environment supports five Windows 2016 server and two Ubuntu servers.

The small data center at TRC has high performance appliances such as IBM Blade Chassis and IBM SAN infrastructure. This infrastructure is configuration for scientific research work. The system cluster performance of RTC is delivered using 20 CPU's with 224 cores, 480GB RAM and 2TB SAN storage.