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Government decides financial support for SEEU from state budget

On Friday (19 September, 2014), the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia, Abdilaqim Ademi, visited South East European University in order to congratulate the staff and students for the beginning of the new academic year. During the visit, Minister Ademi also officially announced the Government's recent decision to allocate financial resources from the state budget to the university.

Minister Ademi explained, “With this decision, we want to show our appreciation of the contribution of our international friends, the former and current leadership, staff and students of South East European University for the investment and work done in promoting the quality of higher education in Macedonia ".

The Minister confirmed his own and the Government’s support of the University, not only with funds, but also by including SEEU in all ministry and other relevant projects such as scholarships for postgraduate studies and providing the latest scientific literature translated into Albanian. He emphasized that, "SEEU is one of the best universities in Macedonia ".

The Rector of South East European University, Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika confirmed that this decision by the Government was an important step and said, “On behalf of staff and students and international donors and supporters, let me thank you for incorporating SEEU into the state budget. I would like to congratulate you for this vision that will help in the optimization of higher education especially in this territory. With this act, you have contributed to the increase in funding from the government in higher education in the Albanian language; you have proven your determination to respect multilingual and multicultural values ​​in higher education; and have decided to support quality in higher education. You have also demonstrated in front of international friends that you respect the investment and contribution of American and European citizens”.

The Rector concluded by confirming that, “we will continue to contribute to all initiatives which aim to improve quality in higher education in the country and are willing to share any experience gained with the help of international partners with other institutions."

The visit concluded with a tour of the SEEU University Campus.