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General Information

General Information on the Campus

The SEE university-campus makes available a few facilities to students and internationals aiming to assist in achieving academic success and improving social lives at the University. Among these facilities are the campus library, computer centers, the language center, the career center and the business planning center.

Tetova- the city where SEE University is located

Tetova is a city of different cultures and has a very long and interesting history. It is also a city in transition and is looking for its new identity after being a city of textile production and an agricultural center. The city is still engaged in textile production and agriculture but is also oriented more and more towards trading and commerce and becoming a university center as well. It is becoming a university center due to the fact that there are two universities in the city and more than 10 000 students of different ethnical and cultural backgrounds. This fact has changed the dynamic of the city and Tetova has evolved from a relatively quiet city to a very busy and active center. It has become a center that reconstructs its face in order to meet the student’s demands and strives to become a modern center.


Accommodation on campus Residence Halls is available for students and it has 24/7 of internet access and central heating. The price is approximately 75 euros per month. Off-campus housing is plentiful and varies in terms of location and cost.

The Culture Center

The Culture Center with the multifunctional nature it offers a lot of opportunities to visitors and others. Within the center among other institutions the city library is located as well. In order to become a member in this library you need to pay a membership fee of 250 denars per year and follow the rules of loaning books and other reading materials. The library is well equipped with books and magazines in Albanian, Macedonian and English. Also in the Culture Center there is the Actors group which organizes and performs periodically for the audience. If you are willing to expand your knowledge or manifest your art passion, then this is the location you like to be. For those who want to relax in an alternative atmosphere, there is an actor’s café placed inside the center which serves as a place where you can continue your conversation, read calmly or simply relax by having a drink.

  • Historical places to visit:

Painted Mosque 
Tetovo Fortress
Arabati Baba Teqe 

Useful Information

  • Phones and mobiles

Cell phone usage in Macedonia is very high. The main portion of communication flow runs through cell phones. It is very common to call somebody up on his cell phone first. Use of answering machines is very low. To buy a mobile phone is a very simple procedure. You can buy one in the locations of the three main networks in Macedonia and those are T-Mobile, VIP and One. When you buy a new mobile phone you get a number that goes with it and the prefixes are 070/071/072 or 078 and 075/076. We suggest you choose a pre-paid package and you can charge credit on your account as low as 100 denars. Also, you can buy pre-paid cards with credit up to 2500denars. Apart from the network locations you can also make transactions of similar nature in the representative stores which is located in the campus and offer services of their own as well.

  • The Post Center

The post center is located in the heart of Tetova, at the beginning of ‘’Ilindenska’’ and ‘’Jane Sandanski’’. If you have a fixed phone that you are using or you want to get a line you can find all the services there. Apart from that you can send or pick up various items and you are charged based on the weight or the size of the object. Also if you miss a person or there are holidays approaching you might decide to send a postcard to your relatives and friends. At the Post center you can also make the payments for the electrical energy bills and phone bills payments.

  • Stores, shops and food markets

Tetova is a trading city and there are a lot of stores, shops and markets. Most of the time the development of the small business takes the form of a store or a market and since you can find one or two in every corner or neighborhood. In these stores and markets you can find essential products such as food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, hygienic products etc. Apart from that with the development of the city simultaneously there is a development of bigger markets that exist in chains or alone. Such markets are “ Vero” in the entrance of Tetovo from Skopje, Erzana Markets which are situated in the center and various other parts of the city, the “Ramstore” center has its own market as well. The most necessary products and their prices are listed below :


Price in denars










50-120 per liter

Apart from stores and markets fresh products such as fruits and vegetables can be bought in the green market which is situated in the entrance of Tetovo from Skopje. The green market in Tetovo is very well supplied from domestic and foreign products. A variety of fruits and vegetables can be bought at different prices according to the season of the products. Prices for vegetables and fruits vary.

Upon your arrival

There are two airports in Macedonia: the fist one is Alexander the Great in the capital Skopje and the other one is St. Apostle Pavle in Ohrid.

Tetovo is 50 km away from the capital Skopje ad you can get there by bus, train, taxi or mini bus. If you come by bus, you’ll need to get to the main bus station. The train station is at the same place but there is only couple of trains circulating. If you arrive to Skopje downtown, there are many mini buses that travel to Tetovo all day long and they are very cheap.

Transportation in Tetova

The South Eastern European University is in the entrance of Tetova from the direction of Gostivar and is 2 km away from the center. Thus, is going to take you a mean of transport if you are interested in witnessing both the life at university and life in the city. There are several means of transport that is provided in the city and each one has its own characteristics. Students and others that don’t have cars, usually opt for using the numerous vans that carry their activities each day in a destination center to university and back. This form of transport is available from 8 Am until late hours or more precisely until 8 Pm. It is the most frequently used form of transport since it is the cheapest and the access is relatively easy. The price consists of 10 denars in one direction. The local bus network is released and is going around Tetova in several stop points and is circulating every 30 minutes. Despite this, inter-city busses can be used and there are 2 of them every hour that come from Gostivar and passes through the SEE University.

 Taxi drivers and their services are another option for students especially for those cases where urgency is involved. There are several taxi companies operating in Tetova and many other private Taxi drivers and they charge equally for their services approximately 50 denars per kilometer. Below we give the names of the major taxi companies and their numbers:

Taxi Company

Phone Number


044 15 78


044 15 92


044 15 97


044 15 95

Most Taxi companies offer their services until 12.00 pm while Hak and Ata Taxi Company offer their services all the time and respond to the people’s need.

For more information please visit the official website of Municipality of Tetovo. 

Shopping Malls

For purpose of recreation, having a stroll, shopping or just looking around, Tetova as a city has a lot of stores with different kinds of styles, brands and designs. Among others there are 4 major shopping malls which offer shops, café places and other locals where people can fulfill their needs. Two of the shopping malls are located just across the Culture center opposite each other and they offer many shops with clothes, traditional food, café places for young people etc. In the Yellow mall you also have a couple of shops that offer computer services and wireless internet connection and this can be useful for those students who want to expand their field of studies. The shopping mall just opposite the post center offers approximately the same services with the sole difference of being an open shopping mall as opposed to the previous two that are closed. This shopping mall is the oldest in Tetovo and it has shops that sell clothes, very popular pastry stores, barber shops and café places. Recently a new shopping mall was opened and put in function and is outside the city in the direction to Skopje. This shopping mall follows the logic of family shopping as it offers a big supermarket for the everyday needs, clothes stores and very relaxing café places. To satisfy the costumer needs it has its own parking lot and in this way facilitates the shopping process. Of course you can find shops where you will find cheaper clothes and ones where you have brand clothes with more expensive prices.


In order to make your payments or store the extra money that you might have you can activate a bank account in one of the banks in Tetova. The procedure is very simple as you will need either your ID card or your passport and a symbolic amount of money that will activate your account. The banking system is well developed in Tetova and in many shops, you’ll be able to make transactions using your credit card.

Name of Banks





Stopanska Banka

M. Tito 32,
1220 Tetovo

+389 44 332 664

+389 44 337 754

NLB Banka

M. Tito bb,
1200 Tetovë

044 /

356 - 700, 356 - 702

Pro-credit Banka

Boris Kidriç 1, 1200 Tetovo

+389 44 356 733

+389 44 356 731

Komercijalna Banka

M. Tito 168, 1200 Tetovo

+389 44 352 270

Ohridska Banka- Société Générale

Rr.Ilindenit nr.1

(044) 353-430


Hospital is separated in two parts: Clinic centre and Health centre. The Clinic in Tetovo is on the level of similar clinics in the other towns in Macedonia and offers specialized medical services.

Contact: 00 389 44 330 810


The sector for internal affairs in Tetovo encompasses the territories of the Municipality of Tetovo and the other municipalities of the Low Polog region.

Contact: 00 389 44 334 731