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Tuition and Fees

Students pay their tuition fees in advance for the respective study program and for their respective year of studies. Tuition fees are set annually and students may anticipate some increase over the three years of study. The amount is determined by the University Board and announced at the time of the student competition.

Deadlines for tuition payment

Tuition can be paid in several ways according to the following scheme:

1.      Payment of tuition fee for the entire academic year when they register. There is a discount of 3% from the annual tuition fee available for students paying tuition fees in advance for the entire academic year.

2.      Payment of tuition in two installments, students who choose to pay in two installments must make the payments with the first enrollment but no later than 30 September for the current Winter Semester and by 28 February for the Summer Semester.

3.      Payment of tuition in four installments by the following dates:

a.      For undergraduate studies:

1st   instalment           with registration of first semester but no later than September 30,

2nd   instalment          November 31,

3rd    instalment           February 28 and

4th    instalment          April 30

b.      For master and doctoral studies

1st   instalmentwith registration of first semester but no later than September 30,

2nd   instalment           December 31,

3rd    instalment           March 28 and

4th    instalment           May 31