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Social Work and Social Policy (2021/2022)

Study Cycle: Second Cycle (Postgraduate)
Faculty: Contemporary Social Sciences
Programme Code: SWSP60
Academic year: 2023 / 2024
Title: Master in Social Work and Social Policy
ECTS: 60 (1 year) Accrediation
Decision: Decision for starting of the program

Аims of study program:

- Acquiring knowledge about social works with individuals, families, groups and local communities who are at social risk or encounter social problems.
- Acquiring knowledge for overcoming social inequalities and contributing to vulnerable social groups.
- Acquiring knowledge for providing services without discrimination based on race, gender, ethnical background, religion, economic status, age, etc.
- Acquiring knowledge for creating social policies in the fields of social protection, social security, employment, education, housing, etc. 

The study program will have a significant contribution in enabling students to develop innovative knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies in the field of social work and social policy. As such it will have a significant contribution in enabling students to build professional careers by gaining higher education qualifications in line with the needs of the labour market. For this reason, this program creates staff who will manage social services, with the right skills to to provide service tailored to meet the contemporary problems of individuals and society. In accordance with the strategies and programs at central and local level, in terms of strengthening the role of social centers and de-institutionalization, graduates of this program will respond to the needs for human capacities in these structures and system.

Knowledge and understanding

Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the scientific field of study which is build on previous education including knowledge from theoretical, practical, comparative and critical conceptual perspectives in the field of study of social work and social policy and according to the appripriate methodology. Understands a specific field and recognizes current issues related to scientific research and new sources of knowledge in the social sphere. Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of different theories and methodologies in social work and social policy.

Applying knowledge and understanding

Can apply knowledge and understanding in a way that demonstrates professional approach to work or profession. Demonstrates competencies to identify, analyze and solve problems faced by individuals, families, groups, local communities and other phenomena in the social field. Demonstrates ability to find and substantiate arguments within the framework of the field of study. 

Making judgement

Ability to collect, analyze, evaluate and present information, ideas, concepts from the relevant data within the competencies of the social protection system. Makes proper assessment taking into account the personal, social, scientific and practical apects which a social worker should have.  Ability to evaluate theoretical and practical issues, to give explanations for the causes and to choose the right solution. 

Communication skills

Ability to communicate and discuss with professional and non- professional audiences about information, ideas, problems and solutions. Ability for independent participation with professional approach in specific, scientific and interdisciplinary discussions. 

Learning skills

Takes the initiative to identify the needs for further knowledge and learning with a high level of independence.  

Semester 1

  • [MCDP1010] [6 ECTS] Research Methodology
    The purpose of this course is to provide students with knowledge and understanding of different scientific theories and methodologies. Initially the student will be introduced to the conceptual, theoretical definitions and examples of all existing methods of research, hypothesis, direct and indirect variables, validation of the results, the conclusions BIAS and scientific qualitative and quantitative methodologies, "ground research" methodology and other methodological approaches. In each chapter the student will work on practical assignments. After completing the course the student will be able to explain thoroughly and understand the importance of basic scientific concepts, effectively search and find information-relevant literature, identify, describe and formulate scientific problems, make a careful choice of alternative research approaches, thoroughly describe, compare and explain the advantages and disadvantages of different scientific methods for collecting quantitative and qualitative data, apply basic scientific methods to analyze quantitative and qualitative data, understand different frameworks for building theory and review and evaluate scientific publications.
  • [CM153] [6 ECTS] Social Work Methods
    To obtain in- depth scientific knowledge that provides an introduction to all areas related to social work and methodology of working with vulnerable groups.
  • [CM152] [6 ECTS] Theory of Social Work
    To gain in-depth scientific knowledge which represents an introduction to all scientific fields related to social work.
  • [CM147] [6 ECTS] Social Policy of the European Union
    To gain in-depth knowledge of the supranational social policy practiced by the European Union (EU) and to acquire skills to apply specific EU social programs in a national context.
  • [6 ECTS] General elective course
    • [EM495] Social Work and Health Care
    • [CM141] Labor Law and Labor Relations
    • [EM496] Social Work in Education
    • [EM498] Preventive and Social Work
    • [EM499] Protection of Children
    • [EM500] Conflict Resolution
    • [EM501] Economics of Social Policy
    • [EM502] Basics of Crisis Interventions in Social Work
    • [EM503] Social Work in Organizing the Community
    • [EM504] Social Work with People with Special Needs
    • [EM505] Poverty and Social Work
    • [EM506] Analysis and Design of Questionnaires
    • [EFIN0104] Public Finances
    • [EM507] Work Searching Strategies
    • [EM508] Leadership and Learning
    • [CM144] Planning of Social Development

Semester 2

  • [MCPA4010] [30 ECTS] Master Thesis
    This module enables students to transfer their skills and knowledge to research and carry out more complex tasks related to their master thesis. The module is designed to be fully practical and students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to approach writing the thesis. The module has unique return result-to enable students to write the master thesis with minimal difficulties, and with maximum efficiency. The course aims to improve research techniques and style of writing the paper, taking into account the prevention of the usage of illegal means, such as plagiarism and infringement of copyright, which are prohibited by the Statute of SEEU.