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Educational Leadership and Management (2012/2013)

Study Cycle: Second Cycle (Postgraduate)
Faculty: Languages, Cultures and Communications
Academic year: 2023 / 2024
Title: Master of Educational Leadership and Management
ECTS: 120 (2 years) Accrediation

The Educational Leadership and Management study program aims to provide a range of modules that will form the basis of information and advanced knowledge on process of transformation of education in the our country and in the region.

  • Staff with new knowledge in education.
  • Ability for research in field of education.
  • To create politics in education and in schools.
  • Ability of productive management with educational institutions.
Knowledge and understanding
  • Understanding of local, regional and global changes in education.
  • Students will become the leaders of educational innovations.
  • Students will be well oriented for reforms in educational processes in Macedonia and in region and will have skills for implementation of action plans for reforms  in education 
Applying knowledge and understanding
  • Students will be able to give consultations to governmental and non-governmental politicians for educational issues and to planning local and regional needs of staff during adapting with economical resources of the country and giving point to strategic leadership.
  • Students will be able to take leaders role in educational institutions in Macedonia and in region.
Making judgement
  • Students will face with the risk and challenges of changes from traditional to modern system of education
  • Will be able to evaluate of programs, syllabuses, staff and educational politics.
Communication skills
  • Will have good communication skills
  • Will have ability of uses of technology in classrooms and in administration for successfully applying in society and institutions based in knowledge.
Learning skills
  • Will achieve good skills in leadership for Macedonian schools and implementing research in educational institutions.
  • Will achieve skills for managing with human, economic and technological resources
  • Will be trained and competent to take responsibilities for improving of education. Will be able to act in multiethnic and multilingual environment through trainings.       

Semester 1

  • [6 ECTS] Research Methodology
    The main objectives of the course are to provide students with instruments in terms of the research question and the establishment of data collection methods in science. A selection of collected materials, analysis and its scientific interpretation are an important component of the examination of causal relations. The course is focused on the problems of methods and techniques quantitative and qualitative research.
  • [6 ECTS] Introduction to Educational Management
    The course has a very rich content regarding styles, quality and school management. The major topics are: * Learning style * Quality in school * Teams and teamwork * Managing change in schools * Theory of Organization * Climate and Culture * Leadership * Defining school meetings
  • [6 ECTS] Educational Psychology
    Subject, characteristics and aims of Pedagogical Psychology: * Historical Development of the Discipline * Subject Discipline * Characteristics and aims of the Discipline * Methods of Pedagogical Psychology * Types and Theories of Learning * Transfer of Learning and the Learning Ability * Motivation and Evaluation of Learning Psycho-Pedagogical Aspects of Thinking * Psychological Aspects Teaching
  • [6 ECTS] Strategic Planning
    * Making strategic plan for the development of the school; * Mission of the school; * Vision of the school; * Areas of change and priorities; * Goals of the school; * Tasks and activities; * Evaluation plans;
  • [6 ECTS] Free elective course 1
    • Rhetoric
    • Multilingualism and multiculturalism
    • Selected Chapters of Advanced Topics in IT Applications for Preparing a Scientific Paper
    • Selected Chapters of Advanced Applications for Statistical Data Processing
    • Professional Communication
    • Methodology of Teaching

Semester 2

  • [6 ECTS] Human Resources Management
    The course presents an introduction to the elaboration of managing human resources and in itself summarizes several aspects: importance of human resources and content; concept and HR concept; manpower planning; Recruiting; Fundamental assumptions of quality professional selection; Training as a process; Monitoring business performance; Motivation for work; Education and development in modern enterprises; Development and career management, with particular reference to specific topics of human resource management; Stress and stress management, Mobbing, Fluctuations and absence.
  • [6 ECTS] Educational Institutions Evaluation
    In this course students will be introduced to the theory and practical assessment of organizations through a Peer Review reports on institutions. Topics will address all aspects of the design and implementation of educational assessment, evaluation results, instruments and approaches.
  • [6 ECTS] Educational Sociology
    The course aims are to conduct research and to elaborate on social conditions in operating educational institutions that educate new generations. The topics that will be discussed are: scientific literature and education, society and education, education and overcoming traditional barriers in digital societies, future work, new professions and schools, experience and the role of schools as social institutions, probability of success of the young generations, iIdeological role of education, current schools and their social role in the EU and the USА.
  • [6 ECTS] Multicultural Education
    The goal оf the course is to enable students to acquire systematic knowledge in the field of multicultural education, discipline that deals with the study of the behavior of individuals in the workplace: organizing individual level, group level, and the level of organizations in terms of multicultural education.
  • [6 ECTS] Free elective course 2
    • Rhetoric
    • Multilingualism and multiculturalism
    • Selected Chapters of Advanced Topics in IT Applications for Preparing a Scientific Paper
    • Selected Chapters of Advanced Applications for Statistical Data Processing
    • Professional Communication
    • Methodology of Teaching

Semester 3

  • [6 ECTS] Legal Issues in Education
    The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with the skills to apply basic research methods, critically and creatively and to collect research material in the field of law in education, to understand the scope of the research process and access the various methods of research and enable students to criticize in the field of law, to understand key research debates in this field, in particular the development of key concepts, epistemological concepts and social research in the field of law.
  • [6 ECTS] Information Technology and Communication in Education (ITC)
    The course aims are: * To present more advanced concepts and technologies in the field of ITC. * To show their applications in the teaching process. * To enable students to acquire advanced knowledge and skills in chapters of IT applications. * Practical implementation of these objectives in the teaching process within the development of the student's individual project.
  • [6 ECTS] Learning and Recognition in Education
    With this course are processed key concepts involved in making decisions about the shape of the curriculum, curriculum theories and practical aspects of planning, implementation, evaluation and research. In addition, we will explore learning styles and multiple intelligence and think about how these ideas can influence the approach of the teaching of science in education.
  • [6 ECTS] Quality Assurance in Teaching
    The content of this course focuses on enabling students to lead schools, creating a climate of working-class rational education, effective and pragmatic. After all, the current traditional education to move from teaching degree in teaching knowledge, skills and competencies for material production.
  • [6 ECTS] Elective course 1
    • Thinking Strategies Development in Teaching
    • School Research

Semester 4

  • [30 ECTS] Master Thesis
    Students focus in a study program and are focused on the selection of study problems related to their thesis. They collect materials for the thesis; interpret the theoretical and empirical materials and findings by using the adequate qualitative and quantitative methods.