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About us

“Everything that irritates us about others, can lead us to a better understanding about ourselves” - Carl Gustav Jung


The Center for Cultural Interaction and Dialogue (CCID) was established in November 2011 by the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication (LCC Faculty) at South East European University in partnership with the UNESCO Venice Office. The Center began life as part of a UNESCO funded project titled “Enhancing Interethnic Community Dialogue and Collaboration” which started in November 2011 and was coordinated by language and communication scholars from the LCC Faculty, at SEEU. As part of the UNESCO funded project, a series of trainings, workshops and round table events on the role and the promotion of multiculturalism in teacher training and society were organized by CCID in the period of November 2011 to March 2012. The UNESCO project finished at the end of academic year in 2012 and since then the Center for Cultural Interaction and Dialogue (CCID)hasserved as an independent institution within the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication (LCC) at South East European University.

Why the CCID?

South East European University (SEEU) is a model for multi-ethnic, multi-lingual higher education in South East Europe and one of the first aims of the university has been to promote inter-ethnic understanding, and the provision of a multilingual and multicultural approach to teaching and research, and the development of teaching programs in line with international and European models. The Center for Cultural Interaction and Dialogue (CCID) is in direct line with the main goals of the university and it directly assists the university in achieving those goals with its activities and projects. The center is positioned within the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication (LCC) in order to benefit from the teaching and research resources in the Faculty.


The Center for Cultural Interaction and Dialogue (CCID)has two main purposes: academic and project-oriented.  The center aims to facilitate connections between members of different cultural, religious and linguistic communities in Macedonia by encouraging academic debate and discussion on important issues pertaining to intercultural coexistence. The Center aims to foster collaborative research projects in the area of intercultural understanding and cooperation, as well as to promote such research through publications.

CCID aims to foster research in focal areas of intercultural dialogue, understanding and cooperation, to facilitate partnerships with key organizations including universities both in the country and region, and to disseminate research and ideas. The center invites both in house and invited speakers, organizes public lectures, round tables and workshops, and supports visiting scholars and community leaders who can help to facilitate the goals of the center and expand its reach. In order to achieve its goals, CCID also will seek to obtain funding from various important international organizations in the region and to act as local partners for NGOs and other organizations working for peace and stability in the Balkans.


To facilitate connections among educators from various institutions in Macedonia and the region with an interest in cultural interactions and dialogue, as well as to facilitate dialogue among scholars from various disciplines by encouraging collaborative research projects in the area of cultural studies and in the interests of intercultural dialogue.