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Center for Cultural Interaction and Dialogue (CCID)

“No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive” - Mahatma Gandhi

The Center for Cultural Interaction and Dialogue (CCID) isan initiativeof theFaculty of Languages, Culture and Communications (LCC Faculty) at South East European University and it is led by scholars in both language and communication studies. The goal of the Center is to approach cultural interaction and dialogueat two levels: through academic analysis and debate and via educational projects and related intercultural activities.

On the academic side, the Center aims to facilitate connections between members of different cultural, religious and linguistic communities in Macedonia by encouraging academic debate and discussion on important issues pertaining to intercultural coexistence. The Center aims to foster collaborative research projects in the area of intercultural understanding and cooperation, as well as promote such research through various peer-reviewed publications.

In terms of projects and activities, the Center aims to develop community outreach programs in order to assist the various educational institutions in Macedonia and other important organizations in initiating an open dialogue on important intercultural issues in the country. Such programs will aim to resolve cross-cultural tensions, bridge divides, foster individual development and achievement, and encourage intercultural dialogue among the various cultural groups within institutions, the country and the region.