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"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other". Mother Teresa

The Center for Cultural Interaction and Dialogue (CCID) in cooperation with the SEE University and UNESCO Venice Office supported the following activities in the academic year 2011/2012:

a.      On November 11 and 12, 2011, CCID organized a two-day seminar for teacher trainers (pedagogy and teaching methodology university level teachers) from all universities in the country modeled on the International Teacher Training Seminar “Excellence in Teacher Training in and for Multicultural Environments”, held from 6-9 October, 2011 at CEPES in Bucharest, Romania, and where one of the SEEU faculty members, Dr. Agim Poshka, was present. This seminar focused on higher education and training future teachers to prepare them to incorporate these issues into the classroom.

The participants in the CCID - SEEU workshop included a considerable number of university methodology professors from all major public and private universities in Macedonia. Most importantly, the participants were chosen to represent all major ethnic and religious groups in the country, as well as different regions such as Eastern and Western Macedonia.  Here is a short list with the name of the university and number of participants:

1.     University Kliment Ohridski, Bitola (9 participants)

2.     University of Goce Delcev, Stip (12 participants)

3.     South Eastern European University (8 participants)

4.     University of Tetovo (15 participants)

5.     FON (3 participants)

6.     University of St Cyril and Methodius (4 participants)

b.     On May 4, 2012, CCID organized a roundtable discussion with the topic “The Role of Religion and its Wisdom in Promoting Multicultural Tolerance”.

The panel of participants included: Representative of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, Priest Igor Kalpakovski, Head of the Bektashi Community of Macedonia, Dede Edmond Brahimaj, Vice Chairman of the State Committee on Relations with Religious Communities and Groups, Anton Sereci, Head of the UNESCO Project Office in Skopje, Ms. Zojka Naskova, SEEU Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Paul Foster.

The topics discussed included the three following themes:

1.     The humanistic values that religions bring to the society: the inter-cultural and intra-cultural aspects.

2.     The cohesion between the religious values and international human rights and the promotion of inter-cultural dialogue in Macedonia. 

3.     Good practices and examples of religious and interethnic understanding in the Balkans in the 20th century.

c.      On March 13, 2012, CCID organized a workshop on the topic of The Role of School Principals and School Administration in Promoting Multicultural Tolerance. The workshop included15 school principals of the largest public schools in Macedonia.  The high school principles discussed issues regarding the challenges and opportunities of inter-cultural dialogue in the public educational system in Macedonia.

The topics included four major themes:

o   The multicultural reality in the public schools in Macedonia;

o   The equity principals in the teaching and learning process;

o   The needs of public schools for promoting intercultural dialogue;

o   Possible projects and cooperation in the future.

d.     CCID promoted the projects through several PR techniques and methods in order to increase awareness of the public on the importance of these issues.

i.                 Approached media and offered information on the project and results expected.

ii.               Promoted the events and their outputs on Facebook, Twitter, the web-page of SEEU as a contractor and the web-page of the national commission for UNESCO website.

In the future CCID also aims to foster research in focal areas of intercultural dialogue, understanding and cooperation, facilitate partnerships with key organizations including universities both in the country and region, and disseminate research and ideas through its own academic journal that will be published every year. The center invites both in house and invited speakers, organizes public lectures, round tables and workshops, and supports visiting positions that would help to facilitate the goals of the center, expand its reach and strengthen its status. Most importantly, CCID aims to obtain funding from various important international organizations in the region in order to achieve its goals.

Media Coverage

All the three events organized by the Center for Cultural Interaction and Dialogue were covered by most major local and national TV stations in Macedonia. Here is some links to the media coverage of the events organized by CCID:

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UNESCO - Le rôle des directeurs d'école dans la promotion du dialogue intercultural[showUid]=6550&cHash=975733d53c

UNESCO - The Role of School Principals in Promoting Intercultural Dialogue[showUid]=6550&cHash=975733d53c

KISS TV- 04.05.2012 - Директори на основни и средни училишта од Македнија денес на Штуловиот универзитет во Тетово учеа за начините за промиварање на интеркултурниот дијалог меѓу учениците и вработените