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Student Parliament and Association

We aim to protect the student’s interests to be fair with all the students so there won’t any injustice to them, so the main purpose of SPA is to represent and to protect the student’s interests, but also to influence positively and constructively in the student experience.

The Student Parliament and Association (SPA) operates as an independent organization within the University, led by its own students acts as an independent organization within SEEU, led by its own students.

President: Agron Demiri
Vice-President: Bujar Sopa
Secretary-General: Adem Jashari

Our work centers support the work of our members by organizing seminars, trainings, campaigns and conferences for students. Also, supporting the European research partnerships in projects and campaigns, thus reaching informative services and producing various publications.

The Student Parliament's plans for 2019 are to:

  • Activate clubs which function within the SPA.
  • Organize various sports activities within the Sports Club.
  • Activities for marking international and national holidays, such us: March 7, March 21 st International Forest Day, etc.
  • Creating a staff consisting of students who will work for the Euroidea student magazine.
  • Cooperation with NGOs to conduct various activities and trainings.
  • Collaboration with high school students for activities held within the clubs of the Student Parliament and Association.
  • Parties
  • Excursions

Debate and the Public Speaking Club
Description: Trainings and debates, discussing on issues that are problematic in different fields.
Activities: Debate with students and debates with various public figures, various conferences with guests and trainers.

Culture and Cinema Club
Description: The club will conduct various activities related to the broadcasting of films and cultural activities.
Activities: Broadcasting of films, discussion about world cinematography, etc.

Mountaineering Club
Description: Exploring natural beauties and organizing different camps.
Activities: Various recreational activities like hiking, mountaineering, mountain climbing, etc.

Charity Club
Description: The club will develop various humanitarian activities and provide assistance to people in need of support.
Activities: Raising morale and motivation of pupils and students with special needs, financial assistance to the poor, etc.

Ethical Hacking Club
Description: Organization of various activities in the field of technology as well as training, in order students to gain experience in the same field.
Activities: Organization of various trainings and seminars.

Feminist Club
Description: This club has a common goal to define, create and achieve political, economic, cultural, personal and social rights for women. This includes requirements to create equal opportunities for women in education and employment.
Activities: Organization of trainings and conferences on gender values, debate about their rights, etc.

Sport Club
Description: Through this club, we will try to arrange various sports activities and arrange different competitions in sports.
Activities: Football, basketball, ping-pong, chess, swimming, etc.

Lawyers club
Description: This club aims to promote through activities their interests and goals and to try to train students through conferences, trainings as future lawmakers.
Activities: Training, conferences, study visits, etc.

Facebook: Student Parliament SEEU
Instagram: studentparliamentseeu