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Student Parliament and Association Elections 2018-19

Dear students,  

The Election Commission has validated all SPA applications.

You have the right to vote for candidates in your year of study/cycle studies.  

The dates for voting are:

  • Tetovo and Skopje undergraduate students – Tuesday  4th December, 10.00 - 16.00, Tetovo 807.02 and Skopje Entrance Hall 
  • Tetovo Master students - Friday, 7th December, 15.00-19.00, classroom 807.02  

This process is monitored by the Election Commission. 

We have asked the candidates to organize a public meeting to present their ideas. Please attend and please use your vote.  Results are announced the following week.   


SPA Candidate List 2018-19

Faculty of Business and Economics (BE)

Name Year of study 
Arbr Ajdini First year (undergraduate)
Ardit Osmani  First year (undergraduate)
Marija Veselinovska First year (undergraduate)
Driton Ibishi  Third year (undergraduate)
Rita Behadini Third year (undergraduate)

Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies (CST)

Name  Year of study 
Arjon Fejzula First year (undergraduate)
Arsim Limani  First year (undergraduate)
Vane Vasilevski First year (undergraduate)
Arianit Selmani  Third year (undergraduate)
Dardan Tushi Third year (undergraduate)
No candidate  Master 

Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication (LCC) 

Name  Year of study 
Agron Demiri First year (undergraduate)
Anida Osmani First year (undergraduate)
Enver Mamuti  Third year (undergraduate)
Lavdrim Zendeli  Third year (undergraduate)
No candidate  Master 

Faculty of Law (LAW)

Name  Year of study 
Anila Pajaziti First year (undergraduate)
Arlinda Abdiu  First year (undergraduate)
Emine Fetahi  First year (undergraduate)
Belkis Latifi  Master
Shpati Croj  Master 

Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences (CSS)

Name  Year of study 
Betim Sulejmani  First year (undergraduate)
Xheladin Alimi  First year (undergraduate)
Fatime Tale  Second year (undergraduate)
Albi Xhemaili  Third year (undergraduate)
Diellza Alili  Third year (undergraduate)
Ramadan Murtezani  Third year (undergraduate)
Mustafa Durmus Master 
Ramadan Ramadani Master 

SPA Skopje Campus

Name  Year of study 
Abedin Ismaili  First year (undergraduate)
Anida Ademi  First year (undergraduate)
Faton Halili  First year (undergraduate)
Rumejsa Bajrami  First year (undergraduate)
Valon Ejupi  First year (undergraduate)
Egzon Ramadani  Third year (undergraduate)

All the best

Andrew Goodspeed

Chairperson, SPA Electoral Commission