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Student Stories

Fitore Abdyli: Exchange student - Unforgettable life experience

"There I gained a lifetime of experience and stories. I enjoyed my exchange and learnt a lot from it. This experience has taught me to be grateful, independent, and open-minded.. I have met wonderful people there that made my experience more interesting.. An exchange is truly the best opportunity of a lifetime."

The Story of a SEEU student in Gothenburg - Hristina Sibinovska
"My alarm rings in the early morning, fast preparations and a piece of warm kanelbrod. Running to catch the tram, a couple of “Hey Hey” at the station, and voila – a new start of the day marked in the calendar of student life in Gothenburg. Though the weather is cold and it looks like I’m heading for a night school, rather than for morning lessons, the excitements grows with each passing day."

Book of memories - Exchange students