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The Rector of South East European University Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika meets the Mayor of Preshevo Ragmi Mustafa

On Friday (13 September 2013), the Rector of South East European University Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika and his Advisor Demush Bajrami conducted a visit to the Municipality of Preshevo. The delegation met with the Mayor of Preshevo Mr. Ragmi Mustafa and his associates.

“I want to express my particular pleasure that today I met Mayor Mr. Ragmi Mustafa, we are grateful to Mr. Mustafa, who since the founding of our university has been supportive for establishment of a new model university not only in Macedonia but also in the region" said Rector Dika. According to him, the meeting was a sign of appreciation for his contribution for strengthening these relations.

The Mayor of Preshevo, Mr. Ragmi Mustafa, expressed his pleasure at this meeting with Rector Dika, highlighting the fact that the students from Preshevo at this university are integrated from the very beginning.

“During today's meeting we had the opportunity to present new cooperation initiatives of the Albanian policy of Preshevo Valley and South East European University”, said the Mayor of Preshevo Mr. Ragmi Mustafa.

Mayor Ragmi Mustafa in sign of respect and gratitude decorated the Rector Prof. Dr. Dika with the Symbol of the Municipality of Preshevo.