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At SEEU was promoted the report 'People Centered Analyses'

Macedonia is turning into a country of rich and poor people. This was the opinion of the UNDP and SEEU representatives during the promotion of the repot “People Centered Analyses”, that was held Friday (10th April 2009) at SEEU.

The Rector of South East European University-Tetovo, academician Alajdin Abazi, said “it is of a great importance for our University the primary data that is gathered from the surveys done on a national level, because it presents significant resource for research and preparation of scientific projects, as well as Master and Doctoral thesis for our students in Second and Third cycle study programs, and it presents a great opportunity to enhance the research capacity of the University”. “I am glad to be here at SEEU, because this the right place for the presentation of report” said the UNDP-Resident Representative in the country Maria Luisa Silva Mejias. According to the report, the low standard is the reason why the citizens of Macedonia feel les satisfied in the region in terms of quality of life. The promotion of the same report was one day early in Skopje, where among partakers was the Rector of SEEU academician Alajdin Abazi.