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The Traditional Education Rendezvous was held at SEEU

On Friday and Saturday (19-20 April 2013) at the South East European University in Tetovo, the traditional high school fair in Macedonia-Education Rendezvous, was opened. The fair was attended by 1000 students from 25 secondary schools in Macedonia, including many teachers of these schools.

SEEU’s Rector, Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Macedonia, Mr. Safet Neziri, Mayor of Municipality of Tetovo, Prof. Dr. Teuta Arifi,and USAID Mission Director in Macedonia Mr. Robert Wuertz opened the event.

Rector Dika said that the choice for this event to be held at our university is very significant.

“Universities in general are a place where one of the highest human qualities are developed and treated - i.e. intellect. I think that SEEU is the appropriate place where these pupils will have the opportunity to present and implement their ideas in the future,” said Rector Dika.

“Education prepares young generations for life. The future of a nation and human power is in education. The organization of this Educational Rendezvous aims for students to compete and socialize among themselves," said Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Mr. Neziri.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Tetovo, Prof. Dr. Teuta Arifi said: “I'm glad that SEEU was chosen as the place of the meeting of high school students because SEEU is one of the landmarks of the city of Tetovo. As a municipality, we will be completely committed to initiate and support initiatives related to the organization and support of the new generation.”

The USAID Mission Director in Macedonia, Mr. Robert Wuertz said that “the Rendezvous is intended for students to show the skills they have acquired and then compete with each other. I congratulate these young people, teachers and SEEU, participating in the Rendezvous, where students will demonstrate their knowledge through various competitions.”

The event was welcomed by the Director of the Economic High School in Tetovo, Mrs. Zana Ismani, who spoke about the importance of this project for bringing together young people and developing their skills.