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Flag Cup organized at Kodra e Diellit/Popova Shapka

On Saturday (03/03/2012), the Flag Cup organized by the South East European University and the State University of Tetova at Kodra e Diellit, held and under the auspices of the Council for Marking the 100th - Anniversary of Independence.

This competition is one of the many activities that marks the 100th Anniversary of Independence Day of the Republic of Albania and Flag Day. Skiers from several universities in Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo participated in this competition. The absolute winner of this competition was Dardan Dehari (Tetovo, Macedonia) for the men’s category and Dorina Mema (Peja, Kosovo) was the winner for the women's category.

Macedonia’s Deputy Prime-Minister Mr. Musa Xhaferri, on behalf of the Council for Marking the 100th - Anniversary of Independence, said that a series of activities for marking this important date are scheduled during this year. SEEU’s Pro-rector for Research Prof. Dr. Blerim Reka, mentioned his hope that the contest would become traditional in the future, in which the Flag Cup would be awarded again.

On behalf of the University of Prishtina the competition was welcomed by Prof. Dr. Mujë Rugova, Rector of the University who said that this event brings and binds Albanians to be more united and become hard workers. Marina Tasho, competitor from the University of Korça, who was ranked third in this competition, said that she felt very proud that she participated at this jubilee competition and for the prize that she won. “I felt extremely proud and I became tearful”, said Tasho.

In team competition, first place in this competition went to the city of Tetova, Peja came second, while in the third place was city of Korça.

The organizers awarded gratitude to all participants and special recognition was awarded to the youngest competitor from Peja - Arba Popovci.