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SEEU Students Create a Robot that Reads and Recognizes the Environment

A Robot that reads and recognizes the relief is the latest creation of three students of the Computer Engineering Department at SEEU: Arlinda Imeri, Fjolla Iljazi and Mjaftime Alili.

The project is a result of their capstone project lead by mentor Azir Aliu, MA. The Robot has been created by using the LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 package, with the aim to create a "real" and "physical" project in the field of robotics, fleeing from the traditional abstract forms encountered in other projects in general.
“Our objective is for the project to be an initiative for future research activities in the field of robotics, as well as to increase our enthusiasm and interest for using programming as a tool to put in motion such devices. The project presents an opportunity for these devices to enter our university and to serve prospective students as a tool of instruction and research in relevant areas using different entertaining and interesting methods,” said the three students.
The Robot recognizes every environment where it is i.e. “sees” the walls and obstacles before facing and then turns into right or left in order to define the direction of movement. If by any chance the robot encounters an obstacle, the touch sensor gives the command for future action.
The students also noted that, “By using this capstone project we try to encourage students and staff to use this technology in various fields and modules.”
These students hope that in the near future, a "ROBOT CLUB" will be established at the University level, which will be an opportunity for students to present their ideas and skills.