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Seminar on drafting research projects

On Thursday (3 February 2011), the SEEU Research Office held a seminar on drafting research projects, emphasizing projects in the FP7 program.

Research is the key issue of European Union for this century, said in is his opening remarks at the seminar, SEEU's Pro-rector for Research, Prof. Dr. Blerim Reka. He said that our new strategy aim is for SEEU to become a regional model for research.

Mrs. Diturije Ismaili, Head of the Research Office spoke about the recent research work at SEEU. She said that the Office has done very important work on supporting and stimulating staff to apply in different projects and presented the activities so far of the Office.

About the Seventh Framework Program for Research and Technological Development (FP7), spoke Ms. Tatjana Arsova, engaged at SEEU as FP7 coordinator. She said that the level of the allocated budget for this program is 50 billion euros. She informed participants about the application procedure and fields in which can be applied.

Ms. Albulena Halili, Research Office representative said that the aim of the seminar is to strengthen and build up the University capacities in order SEEU to become centre for preparing research projects and to offer services of this kind for the interested parties.

The SEEU Pro-Rector for Research, Prof. Dr. Blerim Reka, said that more seminars in this field with focused groups will be organized in the future.