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Mustafa Ibrahimi attended a scientific conference on the Albanian language in Durrës, Albania

From 15 Dec through 17 Dec, a scientific conference entitled: “Albanian Language Today -- Improvement and Enrichment of Standard,” was held in Durres Albania, under the aegis of the Albanian Language Studies Center based in Tirana. The conference was attended by experts from all Albanian territories. Incidentally, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ibrahimi presented his thesis on: “The Influence of Social Strata on Standard Language Variations as Sociolinguistic Phenomena.”
The conference activities were executed in the spirit of a constructive and cooperative debate, whereby wrapping up the conference successfully. At the end of the conference a 12-point resolution was adopted with regard to the improvement and enrichment of standard. In addition, a Pan-Albanian Language Council was proposed to be set with the status of a public entity, thus paving the way for identifying solutions to vital issues such as language policies, planning, and strategies for developing and protecting the Albanian language.