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Learning and Teaching Award Winners 2009-10

Congratulations go to the winners of the SEEU Learning and Teaching Award for 2009-10 - Teuta Iljazi and Sadri Alija. They receive the prize of 1000 Euro for their project paper 'Teaching in Small Groups Motivates Learning' concerning research into how far traditional or small group teaching methodologies can affect the satisfaction and assessment results of students.
Four other projects were submitted in accordance with the published criteria: one from Marika Apostolova Trpkovska and Burim Ismaili concerning the value of laptops for student learning, one from Biljana Sazdanovska about the benefits of a service learning model connecting theory to practical application in a work related setting; one from Elena Spirovska, Artan Limani, Hajrulla Hajrullai, Luiza Zeqiri and Serdal Xhemali focusing on enhancing opportunities for staff development by participation in workshops and encouraging self reflection through an exchange of succcessful classroom practice and finally, one from Arben Hajra, Fidan Limani and Visar Shehu promoting the use of an on-line system for quality assurance analysis and evaluation at different levels and for various purposes.
All were evaluated by Thomas Olsson, a Chemical Engineer at Lund University Sweden and expert in educational development and research and innovation in excellence in learning and teaching in higher education. His conclusion after 'blind' evaluating the projects was that the 'five papers proposed interesting and valuable quality initiatives that will, in different ways, improve teaching and student learning at SEEU.' Please note that the the 2010-11 Award criteria will be publicized in December with the same 1000 Euro prize for the best project paper.
Once again, congratulations to the winner and participants.