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A New Academic Year for Master Studies Started

On Thursday (21st October 2010) SEEU started with an orientation day for master students and the first classes of master studiesin both University premises in Tetovo and Skopje. SEEU’s Rector Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika addressed students in the Skopje location and congratulated them for their choice made. “Studying at SEEU implies dynamic, harmonized and interactive studies within our University campuses in Tetovo and Skopje, providing optimal conditions for all studies. This will be an opportunity for you to reflect on what you have learned during your studies and to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice. I am convinced that upon completion of studies, you will show affinities, knowledge, and professional responsibility,” said Rector Dika. At the SEEU Campus in Tetovo, the Provost and Vice-Rector for Academic Issues Prof. Dr. Paul Foster welcomed the new master students and wished to them a successful year. “Being a student carries with is certain rights and responsibilities. We, the University administration and academic staff pledge to you that we shall put your interests first and offer you first-rate service and academic programs. This is our duty to you. You on the other hand, must pledge to us to be honest, conscientious and hard-working students – to attend classes regularly, to participate actively in class and above all else, open your minds to the world of learning and new ideas,” said the Vice-Rector Foster. Master students had the opportunity to receive information from the different support services at SEEU that they will need during their studies.