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Prof. Dr. Blerim Reka promotes his latest book

On Thursday (14 October 2010), SEEU’s Pro-Rector for Research and Promotion, Prof. Dr. Blerim Reka promoted his latest book Geopolitics and Enlargement Techniques of EU. The book in detail treats and analyzes the enlargement process of the EU, by giving facts and analyzing various turbulent cases in the history of geopolitics and European Union enlargement, focusing in particular on the enlargement process and future enlargement polices in Western Balkans.
The book is divided in four chapters and offers one analysis of the enlargement process of EU from the geopolitical and technical aspect, based on four years of research (2006-2010) of Prof. Dr. Blerim Reka in Brussels in tenure of the Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to the EU.
“In this book, I try to prove that the enlargement of the EU, was and remains a geopolitical process within which the sovereign state transforms into a member state,” said Professor Reka. "This book has crossed regional borders and has a great importance for the European dimension which presents a valuable and successful work of the academic, diplomatic and professional development of the author," said the editor of the book Prof .Dr Ylber Sela .
The book is published by the well known publishing house from Brussels ASPECT. James Hand, representative of ASPECT assessed this book as one of the many successes of the author. Professor Reka is an author of 16 books and 60 scientific works from the field published in English, German and Spanish.