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Albulena Halili attend the annual meeting of Alb-Science Institute

Albulena Halili attended the Fifth International Annual Meeting of the Institute Alb-Science which was held in Tirana, 2-5 September 2010. She presented the scientific paper titled “Post-Lisbonian Europe: European Union foreign Policy Towards the Western Balkans." The abstract of this research paper is published in the book of abstracts published by Alb-Science Institute in 2010.

At scientific conferences within the 5th Meeting of IASH-about 700 papers appeared by over 1000 authors from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, USA, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Spain, China, Greece, Italy, Canada, Kuwait , the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. The Institute is a private initiative of scholars and researchers from the Albanian Scientific Diaspora spread worldwide, which voluntary contribute to its progress together with scientists and researchers working and living in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia.