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South European University won a regional research project funded by RRPP

On May 2010, South East European University and University of Fribourg (Regional Research Promotional Programme – RRPP)  signed an Agreement concerning the research grant for the purpose of realizing the project “Brain Drain and the Role of Diaspora in Promoting Reforms in the Balkans” managed by Abdulmenaf Sejdini.


The aim of this project is:


i.                   to investigate the size, nature and the characteristics of the Albanian, Macedonian, and Kosovar skilled Diaspora;

ii.                  to assess the potential of skill migration from these countries;

iii.                 to assess the differences and similarities between Albanian, Macedonia and Kosovar skilled diasporas; and

iv.                 to suggest policy recommendations for leveraging Diasporas for promoting political, social, and economic reforms in the selected countries.




i.                  a dataset (based on both quantitative and qualitative surveys of skilled existing or would-be diaspora from the three countries) that can serve as the source of significant policy relevant research;

ii.                 Country reports and, a regional report synthesizing detailed country reports which will also identify the differences and similarities of the respective skilled diasporas.




Regional Partners: Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana-Albania


Riinvest University, Prishtina, Kosovo


Nucleus Partner/Main Applicant: South East University, Tetovo, Macedonia


Project Manager: Mr. Abdulmenaf Sejdini