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The book “Specifikat e biznesit të vogël” was promoted at SEEU

The book Specifikat e biznesit të vogël (Specifics of Small Business) was promoted on 31st May 2010, at the SEEU-Faculty of Business Administration. This book is result of common work of Doc. Dr. Veland Ramdanit and a group of students of the Faculty of Business Administration and represents a symbiosis of theory from the field of small business and empirical data. More than 120 small businesses were interviewed for this issue from different towns in the Republic of Macedonia such as: Skopje, Kumanovo, Tetovo, Gostivar, Debar, Kiçevo and Struga.

SEEU’s Pro-Rector for Finance and Physical Development, Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti said that “students will have the opportunity through a view point of small business to see the novelties and new ways of assessment, because new ideas come from young minds.” He said that the other important aspect of this book is that the book represents a good guideline for small businesses, i.e. for entrepreneurs and gives a special contribution for in this branch; where students where given the possibility jointly with their professors to be co-authors of a book for the first time.

The editor of the book, Doc. Dr. Veland Ramadani said that “the management of small business is complex and challenging activity.” He said that the aim of this text is to offer the reader a clear view about small business, advantages and disadvantages, i.e. benefits, challenges and problems that come from possessing and managing a small business, ways of organizing business, innovation attempts in order to face competition, identification and search for solution for avoiding risky situations during operation of the business.

Beside Doc. Dr. Veland Ramadani, as co-authors of this book are the following students: Almir Adili, Artë Maksuti, Atixhe Ajdini, Blerta Ramadani, Blerta Xheleshi, Floreta Bexheti, Hana Demiri, Majlinda Çorolli, Nafi Rustemi, Nora Salihi, Siandra Hasani and Shkurta Imeri.