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The new membership of the University Board was elected

On Monday (June 10, 2024), the Board of the South East European University, in the meeting held, appointed the new members. The process was launched in the beginning of February and included a selection process for Board members from all three constituencies, the international community, the local community and the University community. The Board finalized the selection process by a unanimous vote, appointing the new Board membership which will serve in this University organ in the next four years starting from 1 September 2024.

The appointed new Board members are: Professor Klaus Tochtermann, Mr. Edward Joseph, Professor Veli Kreci, Professor Visar Shehu, Ms. Elmedina Abdullai, Professor Sonja Topuzoska, and Professor Gligor Bishev.

The Board unanimously elected Professor Klaus Tochtermann as the President of the Board and Professor Veli Kreci as Vice-President of the Board.

A number of important issues related to the work of the University were also discussed at the Board meeting.