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SEE University will build a Campus in Skopje

           The Ministry of Transport and Communication of the Republic of Macedonia officially announced that 21.335 m2 of land in Skopje is provided to SEEU to build a University Campus.

           According to the detailed urban plan of the Municpality of Saraj, this land is envisaged for the construction of a higher education building. As soon as work regarding technical issues (documentation, project etc.) will be finished, it is anticipated that the building process of the SEEU campus will commence accordingly.

           "Our ambitions are now revealed", according to SEEU’s Rector, Academician Alajdin Abazi, these ambitions will become a reality with the construction of our new University Campus in Skopje. "Now all conditions are fulfilled to build the University Campus in Skopje, similar to the one in Tetovo," says Rector Abazi, stating that the project for building the University Campus in Saraj, most probably "will be executed in two phases or two parts where the first part will be dedicated to a formal university education in the first and second cycle of studies, structured in accordance to the Bologna system for all study programs which are currently offered in the study center in Skopje with a tendency to offer more programs in the English language but also in Albanian and Macedonian. Hence, language of study programs will be offered depending on the needs and on labor market requests.  The system for teaching and learning will be the same as that offered in Tetovo. The object (in the first phase) will fulfill all conditions in accordance to European standards."

           In the second phase, the construction of the second part of the building is forseen. This part will be dedicated to training and education including different laboratories. "Although it is still not precise whether in the second construction phase are envisaged trainings in the area of energy and protection of the environment there are real chances these two areas will be a major focus in this phase," said Rector Abazi.

A more detailed program is being prepared for this project. Rector Abazi, admits that if this program would be completely realized and all works are done than it would be possible the first phase of the campus to be active from the next academic year. "We hope that we will give our contribution for higher education in accordance to the University mission, hoping that we will have significant influence in the part where the new University Campus will be placed, that is in the Municipality of Saraj," states Rector Abazi.