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SEEU Welcomes two new researchers!

SEEU maintains its course in providing competitive opportunities for young researchers and scholars by making brain gain possible.

Recently two of our alumni, Lejla Ademi, The McCall MacBain Clean Air Fellow from the University of Birmingham, and Fortesa Asani, Chevening Scholar from London School of Economics and Political Science, joined the Max van der Stoel Institute ( in addition to our esteemed colleague Prof. Mennan Selimi, University of Cambridge Post Doctoral Fellow, who had joined us in recent years. SEEU is committed to building highly competitive research staff by further investing in human resource capacity. We strongly believe that academia should heavily focus on brain gain which likely will generate high human capital gain. SEEU management demonstrates the full ability to keep its course until it further reaches its full growth.

“Coming from a city with severe air pollution, I was always eager to acquire the necessary training to combat the issue. Therefore, I am immensely thankful to the McCall MacBain Clean Air Fellowship for granting me the golden opportunity to pursue my studies in Air Pollution, Management and Control, at the University of Birmingham,” Ms. Ademi said. “Joining the Environment and Health research group (EHG) of Max van der Stoel Institute in Tetovo, the sole research group addressing environmental concerns in the city, offers a unique opportunity to pursue my passion and work in addressing the air pollution in my hometown.”

Ms. Asani pointed out that “Improving people's lives and enhancing their welfare and well-being was my primary motivation to pursue a master's in Social Policy at the London School of Economics. Coming back to my country and, in particular joining the Max van der Stoel Institute as a leading research hub within the South East European University, will give me the opportunity to research and design policies that will make a real impact in society.”